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Hi all

I'm Krissy and I'm 24 years old. I just came across this terrible sickness that struck my mind(endometriosis). I haven't checked myself out yet but I'm just wondering if maybe this could be my problem... Okay so here goes my story... I've been having terrible pains in the abdominal area once a month when its period time. The cramps are so bad that I can't even stand or do anything. This happens mostly when its my first day of periods. I also suffer with unbearable lower backache. This as been happening for many years now. Sometimes if I don't take painkillers I end up having a blackout!. What also disturbs me is the fact that I'm infertile for the past 3 years... I've had pains in the past so I visited my doctor. Like a year ago. He found that I had a bump on my uterus wall. He said that as time past it'll eventually go away. I also thought that it was normal for girls to have these kinds of pains...I haven't been to the doctor ever since that last check up. So now I'm trying to figure out if that has something to do with what I'm going through. Please advise me on what you think the problem is😞

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I am 16 and I have endometriosis. I understand your pain and it does sound like you could have endometriosis. If you do, you might be infertile. You can get a laparoscopy to know for sure and get the end removed or you can treat it the same way other patients do. Since there is no endo meds, a high dosage of birth control can be prescribed. I take dasetta continuously and skip the placebo pills. This way I don't get my period at all. Anyways, when the endo is removed, it will probably grow back. Then you will need another procedure later. Bottom line, it sucks. Get an OBGYN who has experience with endo. Good luck!!!!


Thanks for your rely... Its amazing how someone at the age of 16 years old has to go through this. Really sad ey but I hope things get better. As for me I'm certain that I should go check it out now!

Thanks again


I'm much older than you however I relate to what you are experiencing with severe pains at the start of your period sickness and in my case like you passing out at times due to the pain as well as pain in my legs if I stood for too long , all of which I had throughout my 20s . I wasn't diagnosed as little was known back then if endometriosis , but now I believe it was the start of it for me . It did take me a while to get pregnant though and I was was on the point of seeking help when I was very fortunate in conceiving twins .

But my story doesn't end there , some years later I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst which I think now must have been endo related and have recently had stage 4 endo excised from my abdominal area, diagnosed by laparoscopy. Following an ultrasound scan of my abdominal area . I was fortunate by that time of not having severe pain which I know many do suffer from . However my consultant has confirmed that this can happen like that . When I told him about how I suffered during my 20s though ,he agreed that was not normal to suffer like that ( I wonder why now I put up with it and didn't seek help ! )

But on reflection with my recent situation even though I had no pain , I did have periods of exhaustion at times even if I had not being doing much , also occasional bowel issues which again I didn't link , but endo was discovered to have stuck my womb to my bowel amongst other things !

I guess the point of my story is that I've come to understand this condition can affect people in many different ways and can also take time to gain a diagnosis, the only way I have been told it can be fully confirmed is through diagnostic laparoscopy.

It may be worth asking your GP as a start point for a full ultrasound scan to investigate further - (external and internal scan) . The key then in further treatment is also a gynaecologist who is specialist in treating endometriosis .

The Endometriosis uk web site has quite a bit of information as well which may be useful .

BSGE accredited centres which are specialist centres may also be useful to look at

I hope this has been of some help .

Good luck

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Thanks alot for sharing your experience. I did read alot about this and I'm so sure there's something wrong. I wish I could have found out easily about it instead of suffering with these pains for so many years now. All this time I had the impression that it was normal to be having server pains like this. So I was thinking of going on the 6 months injection that stops period... But I didn't want to do it because I feel its so unhealthy. Atleast now I don't have to go for that! I'll be going to the gynecologist by the end of this month for a consultation. Hopefully his helpful!

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Good luck with your consultation.


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