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Constant Sciatic Pain getting worse

Hi, I know many people on here have sciatic, leg and back pain with their endo. I had a lap just over 4 years ago which found some endo and chocolate cysts, after the op everything settled for a while but over the last few months I have sciatic pain gradually building up each month until now when it is pretty much constant. I had a scan, the external/intrernal type, which showed no new cysts, a couple of trips to the docs has resulted in the usual pain killers prescription. Does anyone else have their sciatic type pain constantly rather than cycle related and what have people done about their sciatic pain?

Thank you

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I had constant sciatic pain on my left side prior to partial excision on the POD. Best advice would be to find a good osteopath to help you find some relief. x


Not sciatic exactly but every now and then. However I have pain down my leg and hip some days its really painful to walk, along with this I have constant tingling sensation all down my left side. All of this gets worse when the pain gets worse. I had a coil fitted and the pain improved but the heavy periods didn't so eventually it fell out. Now im struggling with the pain and tingling again. Im seeing a consultant again this week and im hoping that this time they listen to me rather than telling me that endo doesn't cause it.


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