4th Surgery... everything removed

I'm 35 years old and have decided to finally have a full hysterectomy with ovaries and fallopian tubes being removed.

My last surgery was last year... where i had my appendix and one fallopian tube removed. My bowel is stuck to my uterus and i have chronic abdominal pain.

I just can't do it anymore. So have decided to have everything out.

Will it help?

Only time will tell

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  • I did this at 31....I'm now 42 and the pain returned about two maybe three years ago. However I don't regret it despite having no children. Hopefully you'll have a longer pain-free time than I did but those six or seven years without any pain were fantastic...

  • Thats what scares me... i don't want the pain to return.

    I may have to have a colostomy bag for a while... i just don't know if its all worth it.

    Right now i'm out of work and unable to do daily tasks... i have a daughter to take care of, she is the one taking care of me.

    I suppose i won't know till it's done.

    Is there anything that can be done about your pain now?

  • I'm seeing another specialist on Wednesday so I'll get back to you. It sounds very similar to me but not everyone gets it back at the same level if at all. I know of a few who've had full relief so it varies. I've not used or needed HRT in the 11 years since and it's grotesque back...but after the surgery and once recovered a healthy diet and exercise seemed to work really well. It was only when I moved to Germany and couldn't find the same organ food that my symptoms returned. My oestrogen levels are only slightly lower now than before my oopherectomy and hysterectomy.

  • Hi - is this being done in a specialist centre as you have rectovaginal endo that must only be dealt with in such a centre. Highly skilled specialist surgeons aim to remove the disease not the organs so it may not be necessary to have a hysterectomy. Either way it is vital that all your endo is excised as you will need HRT if you do have a hysterectomy and this could cause any remaining endo to continue growing. Click on my name and have a look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo as this will be what you have if your uterus is stuck to your bowel.

  • About 20 years ago when I was in labour my daughter starting turning out of the birth canal I had an number of epidural s but got pain in my right side I had to have forceps but at the time I was told my tailbone was inverted and the baby should have been a section but six months later I was rushed to hospital with appendices and had my tube cut away it was badly managled so my tailbone is inverted and I think this is where the pain stems from

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