2nd Lap Done #fightendo

Hi everyone - Had surgery on Friday past (2nd one this year) and I didn't need bowel surgery as they thought, all my Endo had been cut away successfully, sadly they had to remove my fallopian tubes but good news is I'm on the waiting list for IVF treatment - I'm recovering well and got out of hospital yesterday, smiling and looking forward to the future now pain free - Just wanted to pass on my news to my Brave Endo Sisters and say good luck to you all x💛x

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Glad you are recovering well! My laparoscopic ovary removal was 4 weeks ago today, second week back at work - feeling amazing! Go us #hardcore 👍👍 x

Well done you!

I'm due for my second lap - stage 4 endo with a cyst. Hoping to get on waiting list for IVF after that. It's a horrible scary time.

Good luck with your recovery, take it easy and keep smiling! Hope you've got some good TV box sets to entertain you while you recover :)

How are you feeling?

My tubes are booked in to be removed next Thursday. Then I go for a baseline scan with my next period (I've got 3 embryos on ice just waiting for me). I'm extremely nervous about next week but excited about what comes next.

Hey gals - Still pretty sore but I'll survive, we always do eh!

Good luck to you all and our happy endings xxx

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