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First period post op

Hey all,

So I was due on 4 days ago. I usually back to back my pill for 3 months at a time. To help with endo. Gyno told me to have the first period post op. I'm in extreme pain.. The worst it's been in a long time and having all the heavy period pain but no bleeding? It feels like I should be. I'm getting a little worried. This happened to anyone else?

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I have had this problem, both after a laparoscopy and after a break from 3 months of the OCP back to back. I didn't bleed until up to 2 weeks after I should have with excruciating endo/period pain. The shock of both having the laparoscopy and the back to back pill taking can cause a delay in actual bleeding. As far as I've been told this is not unusual. I don't know all of the scientific reasoning behind it though. Sorry I cannot be more helpful.


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