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Breast Cancer

I'm 19 and had my operation for endo just over a month ago. Since then I've been having pains in my left breast and felt as though something wasn't quite right. I went to see the nurse and she said she had felt a pea size lump (I was due on my period at the time), she told me to then come back and see a doctor when I'm mid cycle. Anyway I went back to see the doctor and they said that they couldn't feel anything and that it was probably just a cyst. I feel like this isn't being taken seriously A) because I'm young and B) because no one in my family has had breast cancer. Since then I have had an enlarged axillary lymph node and I can tell it's getting worse and bigger, I'm really worried that it's breast cancer. I've already spent months worrying about what was happening when I was unaware I had endo and was actually relieved to find out that I had it. Now with this breast pain I feel like I'm at square one again worrying all the time and it's really wearing me down. Anyway my point of this post is to know if anyone else has swollen lymph nodes as I read that sometimes endo can bring this on, but from what I've read it usually only occurs in the groin. The pain has also spread to the top of my back on the left.

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Hi I read your post and would just like to say i have had breast cancer and no one in my family has had it, I wished I had gone to doctors earlier, as I had pain in armpit I was 46 I don't have endometriosis. But keep on to the doctors it's probably nothing but u need peace of mind. My thoughts are with you.

Trace x


Hello, I would go back to the doctors and ask about the lymph node. I know endo can cause this but with you it sounds quite localised and they should really check it out I think. I had a massive lump a few years ago that the GP said was just a cyst but when I got to the hospital months later it was actually a hamartoma tumour which is benign but is in no way cyst like. It has became very painful so it was removed. I think endo can be related to breast changes and they are usually benign but it's definitely worth making sure xx


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