Try gentle exercise?

Exercise is rammed down our throats at every opportunity. But with endo, I don't seem to find it that easy. I work myself up and am petrified that even on a good day, if I do too much, it will all kick off again. Does anyone else understand that? What's the best form of exercise with this hideous disease? My hips cramp quite badly, and my back completely freaks out - walking and disguising that anything is wrong is a challenge enough. Never mind a marathon! Swimming is a no go, hooping,'s all too much. Any advice? Thanks ladies x

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  • Not sure, but if you find out let me know. I can't even go on walks because I hurt so much.

  • Personally I find gentle swimming good and am hoping to do more regularly. Walking as well, but it can be too much. Have you thought about trying yoga as a way of doing something physical that wouldn't be too taxing. It could increase your flexibility and relax you lowering pain levels to a point where more physical exercise could be a possibility. Worth a shot.

  • Hi, I also find it very hard to exercise and therefore am putting on weight. My gynae consultant told me that when we exercise the blood rushes to the endo and irritates it so that's why it's so sore, not sure if that's actually true but it does make sense! I've tried swimming, even just slowly but still hurts a lot, walking slowly is fine although you pay for it the rest of the day. I would love to be able to find some sort of exercise that would help! xx

  • I used to swim every week, but the stretching didn't help it just hurt. I'm also petrified I'll have a breakthrough bleed while I'm in the pool! I try walk as much as I can. I'm also putting weight on. *hufff* hate feeling restricted

  • I am exactly the same. I used to do zumba on the wii or wii dance when the endo was in remission and now can not do a thing with out bringing on the pain. once the dull ache begins its a warning to stop i guess but i get so frustrated and to the point that i just carried on a couple of weeks back and was pretty much bed ridden for 5 days after in severe pain. I get so frustrated I am not in control of my body and worry at how unfit I am now

  • It's awful we all share this but so reassuring that other people get it. That ugly dull ache creeping in. Major tell tale sign. I've pushed past it before thinking, no I'm carrying on, do your worst! And it's always does! :( Past few days I can feel the dull ache increasing, my back feeling like its gonna snap in two and my hips cramping. I daren't move!

  • I do military style bootcamp which I actually find really helpful in reducing my pain which I know might sound really strange. I have tried yoga and found that far more painful than the bootcamp. I go three times a week and overall this also helps with my energy levels, which again you'd think would have the opposite effect. I find that when I keep my 3 times a week up I'm at my best. I find it very hard to get back into if I have time off. Sometimes I don't go if I'm exhausted but if I've got pain I will go as I've experimented with it and it actually helps relieve my pain. My theory that I could either sit in bed in pain or go exercise as the pain couldn't possibly get any worse! I really think everyone is different and would definitely suggest giving different exercise a go as I've been surprised at what makes me feel better & worse. I do the endo diet and that has made an amazing difference for me. Don't get me wrong there are some days I don't exercise and I can end up in bed at 8pm because I'm so exhausted but overall it's really helped plus its sociable which encourages me too. I also went to an endo support group last week and there was a belly dance teacher, she said that belly dancing may be helpful for endo as its meant to be good for women with period difficulties and she asked people to sign up for a trial to see whether it helped with pain. Hope you find something that works for you x

  • That's a really good point. Should I wallow in my pain and wait for it to take hold and get worse or just crack on?! I don't want to be held back any more. The worst bit is the first bit. The getting started bit! The boot camp sounds amazing, good on you for doing something so different. And thank you for the kick up the bum too! X

  • I find pilates really helpful. Plus you can do it in the comfort of your own home and do as little or as much as you like x

  • Thank you for the advice. I'm definitely gonna give it a go. My back is agony atm and it's getting worse by the hour. But I'm at home, might as well try for nothing! X

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