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Constant pain endo and kidney stones

I had laparoscopy a few years back and found lots of endo on all organs then I fell pregnant and since I had my little girl I have had kidney stones which started during pregnancy.im only 22 years old and I've had them 4 times in the past year and 2 ops and kidney stent and once they've got about 6 weeks later they come back. I have just found out that both my overies are now stuck to my uterus to and they are unclear what is causing my pain they first say the stones and next the endo. When I had the laparoscopy the surgeon did not remove all the endo as it was too near delicate areas such as bowel. I can't live with this pain no more and feel like the hospital doesn't do much apart from drug me up and send me home when it gets bad. I've also had a temp for months ranging from 37.6 up to 38.5 everyday for the past 3-4 months and urine and blood comes back neg. any advice what to do ???


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