Suspected kidney stone... actually endo

So... I spent the night in A&E yesteday with suspected kidney stones. I've had them before - a decade ago I had the biggest kidney stone Guy's Hospital in London had ever seen - so was amazed and heartbroken when a CT scan revealed that although I had stones, they were small and endo was the reason behind my crippling pain.

Can't believe another part of my body has been affected by this condition. Just about on the verge of giving up, to be honest. Today has been an endless round of changing tampons and taking drugs. Really don't know how to cope anymore. Even morphine, via a drip in the hospital, didn't take away the pain...

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  • This was what the first thought with me kidney stones no was endo, so much of a rollercoster have you tried a tens machine my doc said they great xxxxx

  • I've used a tens in the past, but irritated as much as helped : (

    Thanks for the suggestion though, never used it on my back!!


  • Shame feel for you Hun, have you tried tiger balm I rub it on back and ovary area it was great dxxxx

  • Never tried tiger balm!

    Thanks for the tip!!


  • Oh gosh poor you..... hope you don't mind me asking but what was your syptoms for kidney stones I feel all my ovaries and groin all swollen and very very tenor and have severe backache I also suffer with endometriosis had a fallopian tube removed and a lot of cyts around my uterus. also had my gallbladder removed this year. am 39 going on 69 in pain all the time and no pain killer hits the spot. how r u feeling after your op x

  • Kidney stones make you feel as though your back is broken. Then your side is agony to touch and the pain radiates down to your abdomen.

    Then there's blood in your urine... when I had my really bad one, my urine was the colour of ribena!

    If you've got severe backache, go to your GP and get it checked out.

    My ovaries are always painful nowadays, but its a very seperate pain from kidney stones.

    Lots of luck x

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