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Endometriosis On Abdominus Rectus Muscle

In 2005, after giving birth to my son I started having pain on the left side of my stomach. Initially the pain was not so bad, but over time it got worse. The pain starts around my menstrual cycle and gets worse around the end of menstruation and for about another 5-10 days. After going to multiple different doctors and undergoing multiple tests, in 2008 I was finally dx with having endometriosis on the abdominus rectus muscle. According to my doctor, this is extremely rare and likely happened during the C-section delivery of my son.

Now, almost a decade later, my pains have gotten so bad that I am considering a hysterectomy; I was told my options are to remove the muscle, maybe Lupron treatments (hormonal tx) or hysterectomy; I have seen many different specialists and first they are all amazed and in disbelief that endometriosis can exist on the abdominal muscle; 2nd no one really knows how to treat this.

I get by each month by drinking a lot of pain medicines, consisting of Norco, Ibuprofen 800 mg, etc. I have to take these strong meds because the pain is so bad. I am still in my mid thirties and feel that taking these meds at such a young age is going to cause other med issues.

I am wondering if anyone has heard of this rare condition and if anyone know of any alternative treatment that may help in my situation? I am hesitating to undergo a hysterectomy due to side effects I will have afterwards.

If anyone can provide any advise, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Hi - is the pain just in the area of this endo at the scar site or do you have other pain? For endo to have got there you are likely to have it elsewhere and a hysterectomy won't cure it as you would have to retain your ovaries at your age. So you would still produce oestrogen to stimulate it. Are you being treated at a specialist centre or in general gynaecology? Here is an article about scar endo:



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