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Concerns about dark discharge

Hi, I've been having dark brown/black-discharge very often for at least the past 1 year or longer. The discharge can be little flow, or even moderate flow. It can also last between 1-2 weeks, to 1+months non-stop, where in the meantime of that period, my period refuse to come.

Currently waiting for my appointment with my GP to arrive, but this is a rather disturbing issue and have been bugging me for quite awhile. Hope that I can get some advice here.

Thank you!

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I had this before I was diagnosed with endo. As soon as I had my op to remove my endo it stopped. Now on Cerazette to keep my endo at bay. I'm sure you're already aware of this but mid cycle bleeding that persists like yours has should always be checked out asap x


I've suffered this before too. Very disconcerting however my GP and gyno said it's old blood - common when you have endometriosis! Still best to get it checked out which you have! X


Not normal for sure

And no dr can ignore blood

It may be hormones or old blood

Dark brownish blood like at the end of your period is old blood .

So please find out

It could be something big but it may be something way smaller and easier to fix

Don't ruminate just try your best not to think

When you know what you are dealing with

Then it's time to think



Take action


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