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I'm 24 years old and have just been diagnosed with endometriosis I have also got quite a severe case of PCOS and for the past 5-6 weeks I have been having black discharge. I have had this before however it's usually before and after a period, it has never lasted this long. Has anyone else had this for this length of time? I don't want to go straight to my doctor as I feel that They are just gonna send me away and use my Endo/PCOS as an excuse so I would just like someone who is in the same boat as me to hopefully reassure me that this is normal? I am already a total worrier and have been searching all over Google for the answer however all that seems to come back is serious illnesses such as cancer down there! Someone please help me before I go crazy 😫

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  • I'm on the contraceptive pill, without the 7 day break, before being seen for a laparoscopy. I've been bleeding and getting a lot of clots, sometimes they are black and various sizes in mucusy discharge (eeek!)

    It looks like old blood, from where, I dont know. I saw my doctor about it yesterday, he told me it would go away after 2-3 cycles. Saying that, he also told me I was in pain because I was constipated.. I dont think he knows very much about gynaecology!!

  • Ive never had black before.. Ive had very dark blood though.. Could it just be very old dark blood? Never worry you will be fine even if it was cancer you have options like b17 that can get rid of it. Im sure you are ok though I would def take action against your endo and pcos. If you don't already id get on a good progesterone cream. Estrogen feeds endo and pcos. Progesterone helps balance you it can heal both those issues. Also decrease your hormone intake dairy and meat are full of them! Cutting out dairy all together is best and meat all together to is BEST but at least cut back as much as you can. Look up endo diets. If you have any stomach issues diahrea or acid reflux you may be allergic to dairy and gluten anyway.. Which a lot of people with endo are. (Like me) your diet can change your life and heal you and its the easiest and cheapest option. Also wobenzym can get rid of endo and cysts. Ive taken it for both. I got rid of a 7cm ovarian cyst with supps and diet alone because they said if i did surgery id def loose my ovary. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Praying for you! Creams ive used are natpro and fertilica. The b17 i talked about is in apricot seeds people eat the seeds to get rid of cancer or keep it from coming back ive also heard its good for cysts tumors and endo. So that may even be a route you want to go you can find the wobenzym and apricot seeds on amazon:)

  • I'm currently on a waiting list for a lapo to try and burn it away because I've sought help for fertility they told me the wait was 3 months which would bring my appointment date to the end of January but they have now told me that due to a winter bed crisis in hospitals the consultant has had to cancel a lot of operations and I'm looking at an extra wait of 6 months it's so frustrating! I have 27 cysts on my left ovary and 17 on my right. I believe it is dark old blood but i can't understand why I've had it for so many weeks it has never been like this before. I have recently had a transvaginal ultrasound which is how they know how many cysts I have if I did have the c word would they have seen that on the scan? Thank you for your reply by the way it's hard to speak to friends and family about it because they don't really understand

  • No problem at all im glad youre seeking help outside the medical realm. I dont think they can tell if its cancer unless they get a sample and test it. I think you need to go full force and cut all hormones out of your diet. Im guessing they maybe put you on birth control to "control" the endo and pcos? But estrogen in birth control feeds those two issues at the same time im more than sure thats what caused my same issues. Drs put me on the pill at 13 because my first period lasted 30 days. It has taken time but cutting dairy and wheat out of my diet along with progesterone cream and some other supps has improved my health beyond belief. I use to have such painful periods that dr.s pain killers couldnt help. so much pain and such horrible periods. now my periods are regular light and painless. No to mention my 7cm cyst that is now GONE! I cant even explain it its insane how much you can help yourself on your own! Personally if I were you I would never go through the surgery to burn it off. I think God is giving you some extra time so you can try some of these remedies, make progress and avoid surgery. I know you could do that I don't believe you NEED that surgery I think itll do more damage than good. I believe you can get rid of this on your own and avoid the side effects of surgery along with it. You mentioned fertility. Go to / I currently use their endowise kit for my endo. Thatll show you the wobenzym and progesterone I mentioned. Ive been off dairy and gluten for 2 or so years but meat only for 3 weeks but being off meat has already helped me I can tell by my moods and less endo pain. Sry it's a long post trying to help.

  • Also burning will leave scarring and if you are 24 and wanting babies you really dont what them damaging you like that especially if you already have adhesions and scar tissue from endo. Not to mention once they get in there they could decide your ovary is a mess and cut it out with put your permission because it was covered in cysts. And they will tell you you only need 1 ovary but they dont tell you how much your ovaries create hormones and once one is gone you almost get a small form of menopause going on with your emotions. Im working towards fertility too :) I reallllly do love the site Mentioned I think you will love it. I know the diet thing is overwhelming but dont worry it literally becomes addicting because you cant get over how great you feel :)

  • Don't apologise it's a great help for me. A girl I work with has had Endo for years and she recently had a lap in which they burnt it away and she came away scar free however I understand what your saying that is not the case for everyone. I used to suffer with really heavy and prolonged periods like yourself however I didn't start my period until I was 15 and my doctor also put me on the pill for this reason I started with microgynon but the hormones in it were too strong and they sent me into depression I then tried Yasmin but that didn't agree with me either so in the end I was on cerazette I was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb 2012 and immediately came off my contraception as I knew it would take me longer to conceive almost 3 years later I've still had no joy which is why I've now been referred for fertility where they told me I had Endo. I don't think my Endo is the main issue though because I don't suffer as with pain as much as most women with the condition Which is probably why I didn't know I had it xx

  • Ok Very interesting. Unfortunately. Your going to have to balance your hormones back out after the influence of those pills thats what ive had to do. And then once your cleared out enough and do get pregnant itll take care of the rest pretty much because your progesterones soar when you are pregnant. Also forgot to address this, about the dark blood. Dark blood tells us that you have "stagnant blood". This means you arent getting proper circulation to your reproductive organs. That alone can keep you from getting pregnant because your body wont let a baby start growing if it knows proper oxygen and nutrients are not flowing into the uterus. There are 2 things I recommend for this the wobenzym is good for this as well it really is your key supplement for fighting endo and cysts but on that natural fertility shop they have whats called "womens best friend" and it improves circulation to the reproductive system. I use to only have dark blood and very large clots now its light never clots and bright healthy red. Sorry if tmi but it is funny the first time you see bright red it does strike you as a very healthy sign after getting use to such dark blood. Check this out it talks all about the circulation and breaking down of endometrial tissue. enzyme therapy is one of the best therapys out there. In my 3 year journey of being married and immediatly finding out I had a giant cyst ive tried many many things but the 3 things ive suggested will work best for you consider me to have done the trial and error for you :) but these things really work. Its been 3 years of me researching daily because the gynos offered me more birthcontrol pills or surgery for my cyst after knowing I had to get a d&c just to get off those horrid pills. Dr.s dont know nutrition they arent taught nutrion or how the body really works and these warning signs and what they tell us like your dark blood. They just see clotting cysts paint ect. As common things and pills and surgery are the only things they can offer you. I could not do pills again I refused and with the surgery I had a high chance of loosing my ovary at 22! So I was forced to take care of myself because every gyno would tell me the samethingg. I would highly recommend trying the fertilica cream, womens best friend and wobenzym or their endowise kit which includes those 3 things plus DIM which comes from veggies and also works towards getting those estrogen levels down. Hope this helps :)

  • Also so you know this endo CAN grow back even once its burned off or cut out same with cysts and its because the underlying hormonal imbalance hasnt been treated. That was my other reason for turning down surgery.

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