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Hi everyone :)

So I'm 21 years old and currently back and to to hospital for suspected endo.

I was diagnosed with ibs for two years until I had new symptoms and then i had an examination and A few ultrasounds and now got my laparoscopy next Friday.

I'm quite nervous to be honest, I've never had anything like this before...

I'd just like a little bit of advice please!

What's it like? And for people who've had it and haven't found endo then what's the next step?

I feel like people don't believe me half the time.

Its even affecting my job!

Any advice would be appreciated thank you x

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Hi babe iv got my 5th lap in 2 wks I was diagnosed 5yrs ago the lap isn't to bad you'll feel a bit fragile after even emotional so don't worry if u burst out crying for no reason its due to hormones and ur belly will feel sore for about a week mine is mainly inside due to burning cutting the Endo away that's my experience of it but might be different for you good luck hope you get the answers you need and it helps with the pain x

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Thankyou hun ill let you know how I get on x

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Hi - you are at the very beginning of your journey and can take control to get treatment right from the start if you do have endo. It is natural to be nervous but try and see this as something positive finally being done for you. Your recovery will depend on what is found and done but be gentle on yourself as you heal and let those around you look after you.

This lap is likely to be diagnostic but sometimes endo can be missed in general gynaecologiy as general obstetricians will tend to concentrate on the reproductive organs and not the areas further afield that endo can affect such as the area between the back of the uterus and the bowel. This is a very common site but it is also the most commonly missed and the one that will often cause IBS type symptoms and lead to an early mis-diagnosis. So be aware of this and if you continue to have symptoms after the lap, whether or not you are diagnosed with endo, there are specialist centres for more thorough investigations.

What symptoms are you having and do you get them at times other than your period?


Thank you for your advice.

I have bad stomach pains, bleeding during and after intercourse and bad pain during and after intercourse too.

I don't actually know when my period is as I'm bleeding all the time with a few spotting days inbetween.


Pain during and after sex can indicate endo in the Pouch of Douglas so be vigilant to whether this area is checked at the lap. Even if it is there can be deep endo beneath adhesions that can all look normal to an unskilled eye so be sure to monitor your symptoms afterwards and come back if you feel you need more specialised treatment. x

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I totally agree with Lindle it wasn't till my 2nd lap they found I was covered with it bowel and bladder included Iv had 4 in total and still suffering so a few months ago I paid private to see a gyne at the priory in Birmingham iv read up on him and has very good success rates he agreed to operate and is doing my 5th one nxt sat on the nhs my fingers are crossed this one helps but he has told me not to get my hopes up as from my history of ops and where I have it growing its very chronic and could grow bck just as quickly again he is very good though explained endometriosis better than my other gyne xx


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