Does anyone else feel terribly nauseous

Iv been kinda diognsed un dec wuth endo having what now seem ti be symptoms since 01 after classic section which docs have attached my bladder to scar inside. Im at witts end at mo feel so isolated..moaning on n on pain in my right sude oelvuc bladder below breast bone, swollen tummy exhsustion frim not sleeping, and this sick feeling n shoulder ache . Iv had one hormone injection did help pain loads but had hot sweats and felt at night like i my head was zooming arond was horrible so didnt have second one.. Dont know if its def endo cos consultant was just seeing.. Does it sound like it is , i was firstly diagnisdd with ibs u have bad wind still bruised feeling in bladder n rectum all this sounds like im making it up when i try n tell people.. Feel made im a single mum two kiss one beinf disabked n im suffering at mo from panic attacks?? Does stress make endo woese?? Sorry for goibg on :-)

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  • Gosh im sorry spellings atrocious mobiles changed,words..

  • Yes, yes, yes, I had similar. I am now menopausal with years of endo and adhesion (scar tissue) history. If you are menstruating it is often very painful coming up to your period and when I was menstruating I used to get terrible sweats at night particularly and felt sickly. Menstruation causes further inflammation and internal swelling and if you have endo lesions and sticky scar tissue it can cause nerve pain due to pulling, pinching and depending if the bowel or bladder is affected it can cause knock on problems. In my case it started in my tubes which were removed one by one due to damage, kinking and furring. After surgery the fallopian tube stump stuck to bowel (causing bowel problems) and other side ovary stuck to bowel. It did infact, seem to affect my whole pelvic cavity and stomach because endo spread to stomach and spagetti like sticky filmy adhesions had formed a spiders web inside. When I menstruated tightly adhered adjacent organs due to scar tissue where pulled further and it hurt like hell and caused frequent urination and pain, bowel problems, low back pain, fatigue due to pain and poor sleep, I could go on and on! I totally understand your comments about others appearing to believe what your going through and been made to feel a 'fake'! That is a commonly reported feeling amongst sufferers. I guess as they don't understand it or can actually see it, it's all too easy to dismiss it as other hysterical female exzadgeration of what 'they' think it just a bit of period pain. What they fail to understand it is often actually a serious underlying gyne condition which can wreck a womans life.

  • PS I forgot to say that I too had the injections and yes they have some unpleasant side effects but my advice is stay with them. If it is endo they will starve oestrogen and stop endo spreading but if adhesions is your problem they probably won't help. They are the first robust and sensible approach to endo and can save years of investigations and repeat surgeries downline which can worsen adhesions. Going into temporary pseudo menopause is the worst PMS you can have but the hrt they usually give you alongside should help some of these symptoms. It's only for a max of 6 months and might stop it in it's tracks so I would recommend reconsidering treatment long enough to see if it starts to improve symptoms. One injection won't do anything!

  • Also another final point. If you do recommence the injections maybe talk to your Gp and ask if he might be able to also give you either Amytriptiline which can help with pain at night and help you sleep or a short course of sleep tabs.

  • Thanks for this its a life saver, just reading you ladies terrible i do find solace, im not mad , going o etc iv a a condition!! Which is chronic, thing is i suffer from stress as iv a disabled child cant take stress none at all brings panic attacks whichh n turn makes me a failure, sayin to my kids mummys ill in pain and please dont row every day is totally horrile imv no partner, but the injectio did help but side affect where atrocious! They never gave me the drug to go with ti ti stop going docs timmi asking for urgent referal back quality if ife is rubbish at mo its all due coming of dulextimr antidep as they have pain stopper in them n the injection waring of.. I realise now since 2001 having classic csection this has caused it all the many symtoms takling 20 is endo..thankyou again for caring enough to reply

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