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At wits end

I was diagnosed at the age of 18 with a laparoscopy, this was because I had heavy periods and pain during sex. I was told it was mild and so was put on the pill. Well it might have looked mild but the pain continued to be awful during sex and my 3 monthly periods. I was also told to lose weight as I was about 5 stone overweight. I did this and got to a healthy weight, which didn't help but the exercise helped with the low feelings I was having.

The pill wasn't working so I was put on prostap which really was working but I was told I could only have for 6 months. They informed me of the 6 month limit after a year and a half. I was returned to the pill.

Still in pain and feeling like I was running out of options I was given a mirena coil, but this was after having a burst appendix and during the surgery the surgeon took photos of my overies. I receive a call back due to his concern that I had fibroids, the gynocologist said I didn't. So the coil was put in.

Now it seems to be doing it's job however the pain during sex is worse than ever, I got married 2 weeks ago and myself Andy husband had sex. During which I was in so much pain it made me cry (not the best scenario for romance). I am still in pain in my right lower abdomen, it feels like something is bruised?

Any advice please!!!

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Also I should say I also have pelvic vein inconpetence and a tilted womb.


When did you last have a laparoscopy and was it performed by an endometriosis specialist?


Must have been 7-8 years ago and the consultant was a general gynocologist who specialises in endometreosis, but in all honesty when she saw it was mild she didn't seem very bothered.


That's a long time ago.

Ask your GP to refer you to your nearest endometriosis centre for an expert opinion. Member Lindle on here has a lot of info on her profile page about how to go about doing this to ensure you get proper treatment. The laparoscopy needs to be performed by an endometriosis specialist/surgeon and the endometriosis needs excision (not laser). An endometriosis specialist will look in the areas some gynaes miss, so more chance of getting rid of as much as possible.


Thank you that sounds like a great plan. I just find it so frustrating that doctors don't provide this sort of information!


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