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Chronic fatigue? Any advice?

Hello all,

I have been reading your posts and most of you suffer from severe endo pain. I have suspected stage 4 endometriosis and although I don't have constant pain I have really debilitating fatigue. Do any of you suffer from this? It's so bad I cannot get out of bed in the mornings and simple activities tire me out. I make myself walk my dog three times a day and find that I have to rest in between. I am waiting for a laproscopy and am hoping that this will help with the fatigue. Have any of you experienced an improvement in fatigue after a laproscopy?

Look forward to your replies,

Best wishes


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Hi - endometriosis is an autoimmune disease and while the most recognised symptoms are lesions in the pelvis there are immune system problems that often go undiagnosed such as allergies and intolerances that give symptoms of chronic fatigue and all manner of other symptoms that might include dizziness, brain fog, memory loss and many others. Whilst chronic fatigue syndrome is not a disease as such it is now associated with autoimmunity. x


Hello Lindle,

Thanks for that useful information. I do suffer from brain fog, memory loss and dizziness so that makes sense! As it's an autoimmune disease it sounds like that I need to look at other ways of minimising the fatigue such as the endo diet. At the moment I am hoping that a laproscopy will get rid of the majority of the fatigue but I have a feeling that it won't be as clear cut as this! Or can the laproscopy help with the fatigue?

Look forward to your reply,



Hi Ann

There really isn't a clear answer as endo affects everyone in such different ways. For some it is the pelvic pain that dominates due to endo deposits, for others it is the chemical imbalance and hypersensitivities that are worse. I had bad periods and a tendency for back ache but generally my pelvic symptoms weren't too severe. They found no endo at all when I had a hysterectomy and my ovaries out for severe PMS, something I knew I didn't suffer from. The lab found my uterus and ovaries to be completely disease free. Ultimately I was found to have stage 4 endo at age 51 from what seems to have been a nodule in the pouch of douglas that progressed on 7 years of oestrogen replacement.

For me it was the fatigue and these neurological symptoms that were worse and I turned out to be severely allergic to oestrogen. It all started for two days at ovulation with the oestrogen peak, like flicking a switch. I would be overcome by total fatigue, my vision would blur, I had crippling head pain, dizziness and my cognitive function was completely knocked out. Gradually this lasted longer and longer. Auto-allergy to our own hormones is now being associated with endo and autoimmune diseases generally, but it was actually identified and coined 'endocrine allergy' in association with 'menstruation disorders' as long ago as 1945! If only someone had listened then.

Interestingly the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are exactly the same as those of chemical allergy and I personally think they are one and the same, especially as MFS is now associated with autoimmunity. It does seem that endo lesions 'communicate' with the endocrine system to affect the hormone balance so a thorough excision of all lesions should hopefully improve those symptoms too, but reducing oestrogen levels is key. Contraceptive pills aim to address this if you can tolerate them and a natural hormone balancer called Agnus Castus works for some people with varying effect.

The most important thing short term is that you are dealt with by a specialist centre for suspected stage 4 as this is likely to involve rectovaginal endo. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre. x


I got to same symptoms and it good to read i am not the only one!!! Thank you Lindle for some more information, that is very helpful and Ann you are really not the only one. I feel tired almost every day, but specially the week my before my period is due i am not good for anything. Difficulties with getting out of bed, very tired, but not able to sleep in the evening.

Foggyness, feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton wool, feeling sick and dizzy sometimes.

As well a continued pain at my right side, some days ok, somedays not. It really can make a person really down and sad.

My tiredness didnt approve after my keyhole surgery. The burned some of the endo away when they found it, but nothing else and i dont have the feeling this approved anything.

I wish you all the best and good luck

Best regards,



Hello Naomi and Lindle

Thanks for your posts and for letting me know that it's not all in my head! It's very frustrating as I had friends over for dinner last night and even though I didn't have any alcohol I feel like I have run a marathon! I find the tiredness really difficult to deal with because sometimes I feel why can't I pull myself together! It doesn't help when you have conflicting information from specialists- one said the tiredness is not linked to the endo and the other said its linked but might be an underlying problem...... I think I will do some more reading about the endo diet which scares me because it's so restricted but anything has to be better than this horrid tiredness! I have a diagnostic laproscopy and cycstemy next Friday and hopefully a TPE at some point. If this doesn't improve the tiredness then I will be on the endo diet!

Again thank you for your posts



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