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Yasmin and hives!

Hi, i was wondering if anyone can help?! My gyno recommended Yasmin combined pill post my lap to remove endo. However, it seems to have disagreed with me and i've come out in hives. Been taking for a week and doesnt seem to be getting any better, having to take an anti-histamine everyday. My GP's now given my prescription for Cilest. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this pill? Bit confused as GP said unusual to have reaction as Yasmin is one of the more natural pills. Not sure whether to give it a bit longer or switch straight to Cilest?!

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I too had a terrible reaction to Yasmin, causing extreme itching to my ankles and feet. The itching would become particularly unbearable at my time of the month. My skin would become infected and bleed. When this first started happening, I did a lot of research and found hives and severe itching a common complaint. It took a few months for Yasmin to leave my system fully and where I was rundown it took some time to clear. I am now taking the pill Cerelle but as I have endo and bleed frequently, when this happens the itching returns so I also take other medication to keep it at bay.

So yes Yasmin can cause reactions. I don't really understand it. But I hope your hives clear soon and you have better luck with Cilest.


I took Cilest for years before I was diagnosed; it was the only pill that my body tolerated. It works wonders on your skin too if you have that issue. I cannot seem to take any pill now, if I do my periods are 10 times as heavy and a hell of a lot more painful. Makes no sense when they give them out saying they should make your periods lighter.

I would give it a try and see how you get on, I have read a lot about Yasmin too and I think it is one of those pills that either works really well or your body hates it.

Victoria Xx


Thanks both! Really helpful and good to know its not just me thats had a reaction to Yasmin!

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Hi Jentco I've just been given Yasmin to try, was wondering how you got on with it?


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