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I’m writing to share my endo story since I have recovered about 90% from a severe four year bout.

I had a chocolate cyst removed and did 6 months of Lupron when it was discovered and very acute. The surgery was a relief as the cyst was large enough to create localized pain. Glad I did it but it didn’t solve the big picture. Lupron I’m not sure, I mostly suffered from side effects, crazy hot flashes and energy/emotional swings. It’s pretty rough. Not sure if I would do it again. Maybe skip that one and go straight to the pill.

Then I went on the pill (straight through skipping periods). This was all recommended by Western doctors. After about 2 years I was slightly better, at least I could walk. Then I started going to an acupuncturist who specialized in such things. Drank the herbs twice a day etc. for 6 months. That seemed to help more with the bouts of B.V. I was having at the same time. Though it was probably also addressing an imbalance that caused the endo as well. They had me take the pill regularly and get my period again which helped balance things back out tremendously.

About 6 months in I stopped eating gluten. I did a reduction diet to see what affected my body most. I would get the most acute pain after eating at random times so figuring out what triggers it really helps. I cut out sugar for a while too. Less sugar the better though I eat some now. Not eating gluten helped me the most out of all these things so far.

Three years in the endo was still moderate, some days I’d have to retreat and lay in bed however.

Then I quit coffee (yup bread, sugar, coffee everything I love!). Honestly I quit it on a fast a week prior to doing ayahuasca, which I was also doing for health reasons. I felt so much better, my paralyzing back pain was fading into a minor annoyance. The ayahuasca helped psychologically to make the decision to get better as well. To let go of habits that were exacerbating my endo (like coffee, sugar, bread, negative thinking, etc). Since endo is very individual in its affects ayahuasca is a good tool for letting your body tell you what it needs. It’s an intense hallucinogen so it’s not for everyone, but if you are open to that kind of thing, go for it, you won’t regret it.

My recap: quit gluten, quit coffee, do your homework and go with what feels right for you, listen to your body

You can do it!


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Hi Jparrot,

Are posting from North America?...(mention of Lupron and the time of your post). This forum is run by the UK based charity Endometriosis UK and the majority of members is in the UK. Ayahuasca is a Class A illegal drug in the UK. It's status is a grey area in that it may possibly be approved on religious grounds but I don't recommend that anyone takes that risk.

I do realise that some natural/alternative substances are illegal when they could be of medicinal benefit. Cannabinoids are a case in point. Cannabis is illegal in the UK but legal for medicinal use in certain US states. There is currently a great deal of promising research into the positive health effects of cannabinoids particularly concerning cancer (but beneficial for other conditions too). Likewise, there is research into the benefits of ayahuasca particularly in South America where it is legal on religious grounds. This research centres on its anti-depressant abilities and it is certainly very interesting. It can produce side effects of vomiting and also I think cardiovascular issues. A young British man died after taking it while in SA and there are other cases.

There are more legal avenues to explore to overcome endometriosis. You have included some of these in your post. The action of ayahuasca does not act directly on endometriosis but the effects are psychological in nature.

I am glad that you have recovered but unfortunately ayahuasca cannot be recommended on this site as it is currently illegal in the UK and many other countries around the world.


Thanks very much Brownlow for that very important insight. x


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