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Is this normal?

Hi all,

I am 4 weeks post-op and was diagnosed with endometriosis via laparoscopy. I also had the mirena coil inserted, and have been bleeding ever since. I have been experiencing shredded flesh coming from me when I urinate. The flesh has flecks of blood in it, and the texture is quite thick and tough. (Sorry for the description)

I initially thought they were clots as I have them regularly during my periods, but my clots are very thin, stringy, and you can break a clot quite easily. Whereas, the flesh is much tougher. I am describing it as flesh because thats how it appears. However, I have been keeping an eye on it and have been experiencing this for around 2-3 weeks now. I was just wondering if anyone knew what this is or if they experienced it themselves? My first reaction was that it could possibly be the endo passing through my urine, as I had some of the deposits removed during my lap.

Thanks in advance


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Hi. I've only just stopped bleeding after having my mirena in March. It starts off fairly heavy then gradually gets lighter. I had some days where it stopped then it would start a gain a day or so later. I also had the tissue stuff come out too - i think it's just the lining of the womb. Try not to worry too much. It does take a while for it settle in. X


Thank you for replying! :)

It's reassuring to know it's not just me, and it's nothing to worry about.

Fingers crossed the bleeding will stop soon because it's driving me nuts lol! Xxx


Fingers crossed. I was bleeding so long that I now feel naked without a pad on lol. X


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