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Norethisterone - Honest Opinion?

I visited my Drs again this morning after my 13th day of irregular bleeding.

Due a phone call Friday for a choose and book appointment but struggling with pain and bleeds.

Its really getting me down. I was given Co-Dydramol but pretty much used all of it up.

I have now been prescribed Norethisterone to stop the bleeding and apparently it will alleviate the pain I have been in - I have been reading reviews of people having extremely bad mood swings, I have been quite depressed over the last few weeks about this all happening again and I'm concerned these might make me feel worse?

Has anyone else taken these before? If so can you tell me what It is like?



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Im on it and it does help with the pain i dont take it 3 times a day as i dont feel i need to but i find it does help x

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I'm on it paired with the depot provera injection and I find it has helped my moods immensely but I think it's the combined effect of both really.

Having said that, what suits one won't always suit another.

IME any of these progesterone agonists help my mood swings as opposed to the other way, I used to be incredibly low with unpredictable moods and pretty dark thoughts but haven't looked back since being on the depot and norethisterone.

I would say it's worth a try.

Hope it helps you!


Thanks Vicki.

Starting it today and giving it a try.

In the pain I'm in at the moment anything is better than nothing!



Today is my first day taking this and I am bleeding, I had pretty much stopped bleeding yesterday. Is that normal?


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