Bad few days

Just looking to vent my anger out I guess. I'm having a very bad few days with the endo. My whole right side is in agony. When I sit down its so uncomfortable. I can't sleep on my stomach at night as it gets very uncomfortable. I'm extremely fed up. Due to the pain I'm always tired and I'd sleep for ages and when I'm not sleeping I'd cry. Can anyone help me? Doctors just give me medication they don't want to another lap.

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  • Feeling for you stuck in a similar boat but they won't even do first lap...take painkillers go back keep moaning...cold or hot can help. I can't believe its seen as fine to leave someone in unbearable pain and at best offer some painkillers...still in agony to scared of getting hocked on morphine x

  • I sympathize totally I'm 2&half yrs down the line 4operations later and my pains horrific daily, I'm currently having my ovaries turned off by injections and then fingers crossed 5th operation will be to have ovaries and huge cysts removed y days consist of laying on bed popping pills and drinking morphine it's crazy. Hope you get answers & pain free soon

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