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Hey everyone hope everyone is well I'm just wondering if anyone is on ESA and won, I've tried twice now and failed both times!!!! I don't only suffer everyday with the endo I had serevre depression coz of the horrible thing I have to live with, I was 15 when diagnosed and I'm now 30 ( no kids) the past couple of years I have really started to struggle with the pain levels and how it effects me it also takes longer for my body to recover but there telling me I'm fit for work can any1 help with advice please am at my whits end and I no fought will end up in a straight jacket soon

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  • Hiya, sorry to hear that you are being treated like this while battling this illness, which as you say doesn't only affect your physical health and lead to a world of pain, but can also make you extremely depressed, fatigued and stressed. Im not on benefits myself but work as a Housing Support Worker in South Wales, helping people to maximise their benefits and appeal their decisions etc. Please do not give up (although I don't blame you for feeling like it). It helps to provide as much supporting evidence as you can from medical professionals involved in your care. Keep battling away and try and get as much advice and support as you can from Citizens Advice Bureau or whoever you have in your area. If you are on ESA Im assuming that you also have housing benefit etc if you are in rented accommodation, so you may be able to get a support worker through the local authority who could work closely to help you. Obviously these services differ by area, but if I can offer any advice I am happy to do so. Please feel free to send me a private message if you like.

    Good luck and take care.

    Zara x

  • OMG thank u so much Zara, I seriously feel like am loosing a battle to everything atm, I was on esa they've took me off it coz they say am fit for work, I am totally fatigued, servrely depressed and in constant pain and conspitated coz of the pain, I'm on morphine and diflenac and paracetamol for the pain but coz I'm too scared to get addicted to them I try my hardest not to take them and try my best not to let it take over my life but because I can get a bus to my mums as I don't have any other way of getting there as its £20 in a taxi just to get there never mind coming home and Its only £70 a week I get so that makes I'm fit for work, Ive been in bed all day today coz I've got pains I wouldn't mind if I was on my period but I'm not due on for two weeks, I seriously don't know what todo xx

  • Hiya, as Ive said, keep battling, keep appealing and make sure you get as much support as you can from advice agencies such as Citizens Advice. It really makes me mad that the people who are just out to scam the system seem to be awarded benefits without a second thought, while those that genuinely need the support cannot get it. As I said before, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any advice and if I can help I will.

    Take care,

    Zara x

  • Thanks Zara I'm also trying to move closer to me mums so it's not as far if I ever need her, coz at the moment is about 20-40mins in a car, but everything is just mess at the moment xx

  • Well if you are in social or local authority housing you can apply for a swap/transfer but also apply to have medical points added to your housing application. Good luck.x

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