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Thrush and Endo?

I get thrush far more often than I should, every month or two at least. I manage to keep it under control by recognising it very early and eating a lot of probiotic yogurt and I've not read anything yet to suggest that it's in anyway linked to endometriosis, but I haven't had the chance to ask my doctor yet and wondered if anyone else experiences this and knows if these are entirely different problems or more information if they are linked? thank you

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Hi, I am also very prone to thrush. Was only diagnosed and treated for endo last week, but have read a couple of places online that endonand thrush can be linked. There's loads of websites and books on the subject - i bought "living well with endometriosis" and am half way through reading it - its really informative and would recommend as a good source of info.

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I had it continuously for a year - probiotics and using no soap in that area over some time stopped it - I had it so badly it would burn, feel like it was on fire - I get it most months but only for a few days now


Thought I was the only one with this problem. I get it at least once every 2 months, it's a right pain all the time. Must be connected somehow.


You need to improve your immune system to get rid of the thrush. I used to be plagued by it for years until i started using some supplements to regulate nutritional deficiencies that I had. Now I am thrush free.

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I also suffered from thrush very badly and very often. I e been told lots of times that this is not linked to the endo but the only other people who I know with a chronic amount of thrush are endo sufferers. I have now managed to get this under control and just thought I would share my tips in case it works for anyone else.

I seem to be sensitive to colour toilet paper, sanitary towels, bio washing liquid, fabric softener etc. so have cut all these out, using only white toilet roll (def no added stuff like aloe vera or colour), non bio wash powder or liquid and no fabric softener.

I keep a stock of mild antihistamines in the cupboard and take one of these as soon as I feel the symptoms coming on.

I appear to have an allergy to semen also so we either use condoms or I make sure that I get straight up afterwards and use the toilet and then the next day I use clotrimazole cream as a prevention method.

I found info on the candida diet also online and I did follow this strictly for about a month as the thrush got so severe that I was not sleeping and just felt so ill. I now eat fairly normal again but have kept most yeast away from my diet and minimised the gluten also. The sugar I have cut down on by not adding any to anything at all but sometimes when there is sugar in salad dressings and drinks, I just go ahead but remain aware of it so I can ensure that I do not go over the top (eg, if I have sugar or gluten at lunch, I will ensure that I stay away from it in the evening)

I also started taking acidophilus, which has a probiotic and oil of oregano which acts as an antifungal. I just got these from holland and barratt and have been on these for about 4 months now.

I am not telling anyone to rush out and copy me exactly, just suggesting that since I made these changes, I have managed to avoid thrush for ages now.

It may be coincidence but I am happy to go ahead h it all as thrush is unbearable at times.

Hope this helps someone

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