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Endo causing severe sickness??

Hi. Has anyone else ever experienced daily sickness and upper abdominal pain (around and under ribcage) ?

I have been diagnosed and am being treated for endometriosis, but also have ongoing stomach problems. My specialists are unsure whether this is linked or a completely separate problem.

I've had numerous tests with no real answers. its been going on 2 years now!

Be grateful if anyone else could respond if they've had any similar issues!

Many thanks

Holly :-)

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Gallstones in Gallbladder is my No1 guess for your problems, not endo.

I wonder how many other endo ladies who have had their gall bladders removed would agree with me on that one?


I wish I could agree. But I had my gallbladder out a year and 3 months ago. Started ab 2 months ago vomiting constipation diarrhea and severe upper abdominal pain. Dr's can't seem to find answers. I just made 22 and seems like I'm gonna have my 2nd endo surgery. :/


I used to find being sick offered some relief from the pains. I got very adept at making myself sick just to get pain relief as ant-acids never helped and if I drank water with painkillers, I would invariably sick that up too because of the pain. Sorry for TMI.



I have been getting severe daily nausea. I don't know if your sickness if actual vomiting or nausea but thought I would mention mine in case.

I had been to doctors about this as this is a new symptom added to my endo. She was unsure too as to what could be the cause.

After doing research and answers on here I have altered my diet (also since endo returned getting ibs symptoms which have never had). I have totally cut out wheat and gluten, trying to eating something small every 2-3 hours to prevent my tummy becoming empty, drinking hot water with lemon (for settling) and also taking peppermint tablets and mebeverine (prescribed by doctor).

I have been doing this for the past 7 weeks and the nausea has improved as I continue.

I don't know if any of this will help but may be worth considering your diet as I only developed these symptoms when the endo returned.

Wishing you well and hope you find some answer


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Thank you for this response. My endo has returned and I have constant nausea and often migraines sometimes to the point where it's unbearable. I previously had surgery and found that the adhesions are on several of my organs besides my reproductive organs. I have also tried taking hormone treatments which worked for a few years until recently. My doctor says my nausea and migraines is just my endometriosis and I have to learn to live with it or have a baby. Great right...?


I too think my IBS symptoms have flared up. Mine mostly due to the constipation from all the meds, cocodamol, buscopan, tramadol, voltarol, and Oramorph. Just a thought. You must feel dreadful feeling sick EVERYday, as well as the pain. Hugs xxx


Hi ,

I also suffer from nearly constant nausea. (I'm not diagnosed endo, but have gynae problems) . I have tried many things but mint tea and crystalised ginger seems to help the most.

best wishes



I also get a lot of rib, side and back pain on right hand side. Doc put me on Omeprazole which seems to have settled the worst of it. I don't have daily sickness though, just occasional nausea.


I have exactly these two symptoms, but my consultant says the same as yours that they are not related to endo. Its difficult because there are so many places where it hurts its hard to prioritise what to push with them. would love to hear more if you find out whether there is a relationship with endo. i dont know which side your rib cage pain is, but using google, isnt the liver there? im sure that there is a relationship between endo and the liver so it could be that. maybe ask your GP for some bloods to test liver function? xx


Hi Holly. i have had the same problem and they saw it's not endo. the pain is under the rib cage and around the sides and back and when the pain comes you cant even stand straight and it's like a hard shooting pain, and you feel to just bend forward in pain. is that the same for you? mind you the pain had more or less gone until today it seemed to have come back. because its not endo they want look at it so not sure what it is.

hope this helps, pls write back.


Could it be your Gallbladder?


I too suffer with nausea and left flank pain and rib pain, I had surgery july 2012 for rectovaginal nodules and adhesions to my sigmoid colon amongst other things I thought and hoped this would be the answer, unfortunately the last couple of months the flank pain has increased and also the nausea. My gp has also started me on omeprazole, he feels its anxiety mixed in with painkillers, I wish there was a better answer, im seeing my gynae next monday, this illness is so wearing!


Read this article or bring it into your doctorand ask if they can recommend a good surgeon who has this type of experience


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