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Alternatives to mirena coil

Hi, i was diagnosed with endo this week - had a laparoscomy and removal of endo in my pelvis around the outside of my uterus. I opted not to have the mirena as i've heard many horror stories. Has anyone else found a good alternative e.g. Contraceptive pill etc? I'm also a lot more uncomfortable than i thought after surgery, and am having particular problems with getting my bowels moving even after 4 days which is making me more bloated and pulling on my wounds :( anyone got any tips to help pleeease?!?

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Hi, I was in your position a few years ago, I had one of my ovaries removed with my procedure, I was living in Spain at the time, and at my aftercare outpatients appointment, he suggested the contraceptive patch Evra, I was on that for 8 years, endo free, came off it 2 years ago to have my baby ( who's now 15 months) had the merina put in, and now am waiting on laparoscopy to remove endo mass....... Possibly a coincidental but it worked for me, the NHS here don't like to offer the patch out, but maybe worth asking your doctor?! X


hi. I also had surgery and diagnosis just a few days ago and I agree I am a lot more uncomfortable than I thought I would be so I'm sure it's normal. And it took me 3 days to move my bowels after surgery


Regarding constipation, go see your GP, get your incision sites checked over and have your tummy checked. I did that & was prescribed something to help get regular again, it is very uncomfortable!

Hormone wise, I have a weird migraine aura so my choices are very limited. But when I was allowed it, I loved the combination pill. I found it pretty effective!


Neither the coil or pill stopped my endo unfortunately. I'm sure it has probably helped but I'm still having problems with endo. Only benefit I have had is the coil stopped my periods which obviously means less pain.

I'd say try the combination pill first. And it all takes time to settle so give it a couple of months. For you it might work.

Ask your Dr first thing tomorrow for something for your bowels. Just ask for it over the phone. I left it over a week and it was horrible. Eat plenty fruit and drink a lot of water.

It's all very normal after a lap. I took 3 weeks to recover and I didn't even have anything removed.

Good luck


Thanks everyone for your replies! Really helpful. Managed to get things moving earlier thanks to senacot ha! A lot more comfortable now.

One other question...i have steri strips over the 3 incision sites and then dressings on top of that. Not sure if there are stitches under the strips. Nurses told me to change dressing which i did yesterday, then remove dressing tomorrow. But i'm not sure whether to remove steri strips too. How long did other people have their dressings on for / how long can i expect inscision sites to heal? I had surgery on Wednesday. I was also wondering how long it took people to recover from the laser pain where they removed the endo?! Thanks!!


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