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Hi there, I would like some advice please, I have been having Right Rib pain since November it happens the week before my period and stops as I come on or maybe a few days into it. It starts in my ribs and radiates like kidney pain, Its kind of like a stitch and burns and feels like I have something sticking out my ribs, I ended up in A+E as the pain was UNBEARABLE and they put me on morphine they said I had appendicitis, Which I didn't they sent me for CT Scan Ultrasounds for Gallstones and Kidney stones all came back normal. I kept going back to the doctors as the pain was getting me down, I have 2 young children to look after and found it hard. I was referred to a Gastro doctor yesterday and he mentioned Endometriosis then said it was more likely my bowel and have to have something that will give me Diarrhea ???? Then check my Bowel?

Can anyone give me any advice? does this sound like Endo?



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Hey I get this too. Started off like a stitch progressed to a winded feeling. It comes & goes I haven't kept notes so I'm not sure if endo related for me or not. I apparently have endo on my kidney but don't know which one. I mentioned it to my gp who said to take it up with my surgeon at my follow up. Sorry I can't be more help x


I had this feeling prior to my surgery where I had stage 4 endo removed. I suspect it was due to adhesions but that hasn't been confirmed. I was very, very worried about it because of where it was situated.

I had robotic surgery a few weeks ago and the pain has been gone since. I hope you manage to get some relief.


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