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Endo pain n infertility

Hi... i'm 31 n suffering frm endemetriosis past 10 yrs but came to knw last 5yrs bck.I took every possible treatment fr dis disease. Hormone injections , tablets n Wat not.. bearing those side - effects everytym. .. went fr laproscopy which was unsuccessful. Trying to conceive which is next to impossible .every month I undergo unbearable pain , depression.consulting 100 of gyno's BT nobody taking it in a rite way... I've 6cm choco cyst both side of d ovaries... turning worst day by day n ruining my life...most of d doc's tld me to get removed my ovaries. they treat me 3 - 4 months n finally suggest to get d surgery done... Plz. Help to knw me can I go fr IVF in dis condition.. I want a baby, badly... or go fr surgery tat wld help me to recover n try fr a baby later...???or remove my ovaries??

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They wouldn't let you have IVF with active cysts in your ovaries no, they would want to wait until it's resolved or treat before you commence IVF treatment (that was certainly the case at my clinic and a couple of my friends)

my Dr always said after you have the endo lasered and treated it's your best chance of getting pregnant naturally within the couple months after before the endo starts to regrow so treating it may also help you in that area

Good luck


Not all doctors agree about having the surgery first. Mine doesn't, he thinks my chances are better without it. Also, there is a misconception about endo 'growing back' after the surgery. It is now acknowledged by the doctors from BSGE Accredited Centres that excision laporoscoppy, not the classic one where the top is burned and the rest of endo remains causing pain, is the only way to remove it for good. So, endo doesn't grow back, it is either removed thoroughly, or it isn't.


That's intresting my Dr only spoke about laer which is what I put in my post although I wasn't eligible to have this done due to location of endo and I also didn't have it removed prior to having IVF although my ovaries had to be clear from cysts before they would proceed


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