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Feeling overwhelmed

Evening all, new to this group. Waiting for a diagnosis, i saw my gp on thursday, have a blood test coming up this week, and she's booked me for an ultrasound in 2 weeks, and some swabs (and a smear) to be done in 4 weeks, she saying it sounds like endo - she was really supportive as i got upset explaning it to her as feel so fed up....

Anyone else suffer with pain around the pelvis and in lower back pretty much all the time? This week ive had a really bad week - worked out its ovulation time after period, have had back ache, stomach ache, nausea since tuesday, and times of feeling flushed / light headed and dizzy on and off too. Anyone else get this a week after period? Hope someone can relate to this - looking for some advice as today i've been so emotional crying a lot, i'm feeling really worried about all these tests coming up.

Thanks :)

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I'm new too. Had a laparoscopy 3 weeks ago and I have severe endo. Have been told that I can't have any more children naturally because both my fallopian tubes are scarred due to the endo. I have all of the symptoms you describe and it is always worse during the second half of my cycle after ovulation. I am quite low at the moment and crying a lot, but also relieved that I finally have a diagnosis after all these years of pain (I'm mid-thirties, and suspect I've always have endo, but have always been fobbed off before about my symptoms).

I'm due to see my consultant again soon to discuss next steps, but I've started looking at my diet to see if there are any changes I can make, because that makes me feel more in control. I've also realised that I need to be a bit more kind to myself, and that, actually, I must be fairly strong to have dealt with it all for so long!

I know how difficult it is for you to be facing all these tests, but in the long run, you will get a diagnosis, whatever that is and you will be able to face the future armed with a lot more facts. That in itself, can be empowering!

Good luck.

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The back and pelvic pains are the worse and you can hardly function.

My gets so bad i take days off work as I work with SEN kids which can be quite a lot of movements.hope you get a diagnosis soon so you can opt for pain management or surgery.

I'm yet to hear anyone say they've been "cured" from endometriosis but keep your head up darlyn a and remember there are worse things.

Ild be praying for you.

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Hi! I'm new to this forum too. Hug xxx I relate to the pelvic pain, but not your other symptoms. But I know the persistent pain that you don't understand is scary and tiring. Def go for laparoscopy if your doc has explored less invasive diagnostics xx


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