Feeling so unwell

Hi all I just want a moan really as no one else understands so I appologise now. I had first period since my decapeptyl injections the period wasn't how it normally is but I expected that due to coming of the decap due to how depressed and other thins I became on the injections.my period lasted about 2 weeks I am just over it and I am in so much agony and being so sick with the pain now I have tried all the pain relief everything my gynae is rushing appointments through as the endo is extensive I had a lump of it removed last November and it's already back there lower right abdo it was removed from my rectus sheath muscle it was really embedded sent off for histology luckily wasn't cancer just the endo. I am normally trying to be upbeat and not let it beat me but the pain and sickness with the lump that you can feel from touching my stomach is really getting me down now I am in hospital in the 15th of this month again they are rushing them through all the time now so shouldn't complain but really am struggling it's been such a nightmare this last year or so I'm so tired too like all the time I am painfully tired. Sorry for the moan it prob doesn't make much sense as writting in so much pain but I just needed a moan

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  • So sorry to hear how much you are suffering -been through the Decapeptyl withdrawal and its truly awful.It has landed me in hospital in the worst agony ever.Glad however that you are being taken seriously and you are to have sugery on 15th to remove the lump?

    Just want to send my sympathies and a big hug.Feel free vent your feeling any time,as there is always someone on here who can help and understand.xx

  • Thankyou so much it really helps to hear some kind understanding words thankyou xx

  • Hang in there.I am only awake at this hour as in so much pain myself,so I really do understand as do so many of the wonderful ladies on here.Do keep posting and let us know how you get on.xx

  • Hope you have a better day today, I'm on countdown too till my op on the 11th this month. Big hug x

  • Thankyou for your response and all the best for your upcoming op let us know how it goes x

  • Really sorry to read of your suffering. I wish you all the best for your op and recovery. xx

  • Thankyou for your kind reply xxx

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