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Laparoscopy shows nothing

I had my first laparoscopy last night, after seeing a gynecologist who decided i probably have endo, havnt had any contraception for a year andnot fallen pregnant, painful sex, painful irregular periods and painful ovulation, spotting before periods and sometimes thick, black blood clots at the begining and end of period. My symptoms have improved these last few months after going to slimming world so wether the diet change has helped im not sure. My consultant came to talk to me and decided that she didnt think i had anything wrong with me gynaecologically (dont know why withmy synptoms) but they did the laparascopy and decided there was nothing gynaecologically wrong and sent me away, didnt say they even looked at anything else while in there just no endo. the surgeon told me this literally just as i woke up, the nurse woke me on my right side, walked round to the left to take the tubes off the canula and in that time the surgeon had been and gone, the nurse had to repeat it cause i knew someone had talked to me but couldnt recal what she said. She said i was the last op of the day so she must want to go home. The nurse toldme to go back to GP as i wont have a post op now and see if they can arrange scans for other things or see an endo specialist. Anyone else know what else my syptoms could point to? i just feel at a lose, in some ways its good but seems silly ive put myself through the pain to be told im fine, makes me feel like a liar, especially had the pain has improved with diet changes but im still not right, if i lift/strech/exercise it feels like someones streching/pulling my womb etc hence why i started slimming world as i cant exercise like i could and the weights been going back on

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The gynaecological problems I had have linked to minimal Endo.

New consultant at Harley Street (I went private in the end as couldn't bear any more people telling me that I'm fine when I'm not) she thinks that it's to do with my bladder. I have sphincter failure, which means all the organs don't act as they should which can lead to gynaecological problems.

Try and see your GP and ask their advice xx


I totally feel your pain. I have text book endo synpoms and have been going to doctors for over 12 years on and off to try figure out what was wrong with me. Finally in November 2012 I had a laparoscopy and there were no signs of endo (even though they had to separate my bowel from my abdominal wall and couldn't find my left ovary. I was discharged with no further advice or help. I went off all contraception in November 2014 and by May 2015 was rushed into the hospital with suspected apendecitis. Turns out I have sever endo and was bleeding internally so much my body couldnt re-absorb it all. It went septi and I collaosed because of the pain and internal infection. 10 weeks on and I'm still struggling with post op pain and emotion because my left ovary is completely destroyed due to the endo which was never picked up.

Don't give up the fight for some type of diagnosis. Good luck. X


I am in the exact same

Position I had my lap yesterday was told everything was clear nothing to be seen and that was that. No other help or advice. Now am sat at home thinking all sorts. I have spoke to someone who suggested going back to gp and maybe speak about getting a bowel investigation but surely they would have seen something around the bowel yesterday... Anyway I share your thoughts I feel like people are just going to think I'm over reacting. Just no help from anywhere x


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