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extremely painful periods after laparoscopy to treat endo. Is this normal?


I have just had my second extremely painful period since my lap to treat my endo / adhesions 5 weeks ago. i am wondering if this is normal and how long it is likely to go on for as my consultant didnt give me any advice on this. i have always had very painful periods before but this is a new level and not even 60mg codine and srong anti inflams are able to kill the pain. i have also felt very tired and weak and generally unwell. has anyone else had the same experience? any advice would be really helpful and appreciated. thanks :)

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Firstly massive hugs.

I myself had second lap 4wks ago, removed moderate endo from ligaments, pouch of Douglas bladder & bowel. Hysteroscopy as well while I was in theatre.

It took till now to start even feeling human!

So weak, I had two lots antibiotics urine inf, kidneys, my wound didn't heal properly.

Aftercare at hospital non existent but luckily my GP brilliant.

I had terrible bleeding the first wk, but luckily for me no period as of yet. Infact I was going to ask a question on it till I found your post! As I'm worried its going to be awful! It usually is!

I suggest you keep taking cocodomol & ibruprofens, hot water bottle, heat patches &. I do use a tens machine.

I'm no where near right not left my house yet, so must do that this wk as ive only got two more wks off ( I don't get sick pay as ive not had my contract long enough!! arghhh!!! government law))

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Lizzie. Thanks so much for replying and big hugs back to you too as sounds like you have had a lot to deal with over past few weeks. I hope you start to feel tons better very soon!

Unfortunately for me i was spotting when i went in for my surgery, and 3 days after i was on my period and in the worst pain i have ever felt. i hoped and prayed my next period would be much better but no such luck and i'm scared the op hasn't worked. other posts i have read say people see a massive improvement after surgery but then the pain returns, but mine hasn't even gone yet, so i feel i havent had any break from it all and it gets you down doesn't it. sorry for all the moaning but thanks again for reading.

i love my hot water bottle, it lives with me but never tried a tens machine. may look into that, thanks ; )

get well soon and take care.



Yes I was due but period hasn't been yet though the early cramping that I get before is here.

Anyhow I'd recommend the Lloyd pharmacy period pain reliever less than £10 on the website and the patches are just one which I put on my back on central nerve.

I totally agree about whether its worked or not, yet?? Who knows? In abit scared about that!

Good luck & really hope you get well soon.

Liz xx

Hey Lizzie, which ligaments did you have endo on? It sounds like it had got all over the place... did they ever find any of this on scans or did they only see it during surgery? Hope you feel better soon.


I put a post about this up a while ago as I have only had one period since my lap where I had diathermy to the endo and the pain was indescribable. I am now on day 2 of my second period since the op and not much is really happening at all, I don't think it has properly kicked in yet and I am terrified of it :/ I don't know what to do about it but luckily I have my follow up appointment on Thursday with my consultant and I will ask her then and if I remember update you on this thread on how long to expect bad periods for.

But completely empathise with the pain killers not touching it, I was in so much pain I couldn't even cry!

xxx :(

Peppermint in reply to Catness

Hi Catness. thank you for replying to me. How are you feeling today? was it today that you saw your consultant? i have to wait until next month to go back and am due my third period in a week or so which i am dreading. i still have horrible bladder pain which isnt shifting much most days and i have a hot water bottle on my tummy as i type.

p xxx

I just had my second laparoscopy 3 weeks ago, and my period started last night....BAD cramps all over again!!! I'm so frustrated at this point, I just want a hysterectomy. But I don't have children yet, so I think I need to keep it for awhile.

My first surgery 4 yrs ago was successful and I barely felt a period for months. I guess I should give it time, but I'm so over this pain and endometriosis!!!!! Pain medications don't even touch these cramps, it's unreal! And my Dr has no real answers for me.

hi lizzid2 - hold on in there, it does get much better, i just found it took a while for me, a few cycles but then i didnt even need to take pain killers once it got better as only had mild cramps. plus i am pregnant now which i dont believe would have happened as easily if i hadnt had my operations. its horrible for you now but i hope you feel better soon x

Hi there ,

I had my second laparoscopy (the first a emergency procedure to remove a cyst) about a week ago and was due for my period the day of the procedure, I am still in excruciating pain and not even the endone can fix the tearing and ripping sensations I am encountering.

I had a d&c a hysteroscopy and treated my endo around my bladder and bowel areas. I have been in bed for over a week and wondering when the pain will end too!

Are you on any contraceptives or hormone treatments? I had the marina put in and also on the oral contraceptive pill too and I'm still in pain! However I do feel like a have more energy now rather than before the surgery as I was at stage 4-5 ?

Did your cycles improve ladies? I'm am on cycle number 2 and still very crampy! Would love to hear how you are getting on?

Steffpow in reply to Jdgirl030

I'm on my second period after op and is very very painful still really hope the third one will be less painful x

I had my 3Rd laparoscopy in 9 months about 5 weeks ago (1st was an emergency to remove appendix although appendix was fine and endo suspected. 2nd was a diagnostic endo. Then after 3 months on chute trial drugs I had the 3Rd to remove lots of endo).

Had my first period last week and was sooooo poorly-so Wasn't expecting this.  Am now dreading my next one as it seems lots of you have struggled with 2nd ones. 

Not sure if anyone can help here, I'm on period number 3 since lap with diathermy 7 weeks ago, however number one was day of op so not sure if that counts. Had laparotomy 13 years ago with bigger Endo cyst removed. They seem to be getting worse with pain spreading to my legs now in addition to usual chronic pain and sickness. Is this normal? Hope everyone else is okay and been better since posts? X

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