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Mirena pain? Endo pain?!!

Hi everyone,

I had a laparoscopy in February to remove endo and had the coil fitted. At first I had a lot of pain with it as well as the recovery but settled in really well, still had endo pain but bleeding completely stopped and was honestly thinking it was the best thing I ever did.

On Monday I got home from work and had the worst pain, could only describe it as it felt like my womb was being clawed from the inside and almost a burning sensation? I was in tears. After an hour it calmed down but left me with a swollen tender stomach. Now whenever I sit down it feels like when you put a tampon in at the wrong angle and t sends a sharp pain up! I'm so tender and my stomach even hurts when I walk too fast!

Anyone had anything like this before?

(Also have gained a lot of weight since having it put in?!)


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Hi, sorry to hear you've been experiencing pain.

It may be worth making an appointment with your GP to check if the coil has slipped or moved out of place. xx


Definitely had this pain about 5 weeks after getting my mirena inserted it was excruciating!! i went to get mine checked and was definitely still in place they just said it was my body getting used to it :( i feel your pain!! I was prescribed some Mefenemic Acid and took this along with paracetamol and a heating pad, did the trick :) hope you're feeling better soon xx


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