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Exhausted all the time - like flu but no cold!!

Hi all

just wondered if anyone feels tired all the time. I feel like I have flu. Can't seem to move off sofa and everything I do exhausts me. Don't have cold or headache just feel so tired. It's really annoying as I have things to do but just can't do anything


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I feel exactly the same for me it's the tiredness from endo that I find the worst and then the pain, it plays havoc with ur mind, ur body and ur life. Xxx


Hi thanks for your reply. I'm waiting for a lap to check for endo. I have been feeling really depressed at the moment and I'm so exhausted. This really sucks doesn't it :)



I only got diagnosed 3 weeks ago and same as you, really depressed. I think it makes you just get to the point that you feel like u can't go on but we have too. Sucks isn't the word, this makes life s**t!!!

I suppose we have to pull up more energy to be positive ay xxx


Hi - endo is an autoimmune disease and can give many more symptoms other than those in the pelvis. Extreme fatigue is unfortunately one of them. Click on my name and read my first post to see what you identify with. x

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I've been feeling like that this week kept thinking I was coming down with something but it's like you said flu like no cold or infection though. It's horrible and as soon as you try to carry on it makes you feel worse xx


Hi 😊

I haven't been diagnosed yet, although I do have a chocolate cyst on my ovary and I have been referred to the gyno.

I have been feeling constantly exhausted, to the point that 8 months ago I had a blood test that tested for everything that could cause extreme fatigue...everything came back negative!

Drs keep fobbing me off. I have all the symptoms of endo and my mum has it, but sure they don't like to diagnose it!

Lisa xxx


Hi, I also feel tired and exhausted. I always go to bed early every night and wake up no better! I hadn't realised until recently and put 2+2 together, so I'm glad I know other endo sufferers are the same and it's not 'in my head' like I'm being told!! Grrr

No one understands, and this site has really helped me so much. X


Thanks for all your messages. I feel a little better today being able to move around but not over doing it. It's so nice to talk to others about this and know it's not just 'in my head'!!

I just felt like no one knows what it's like and people just think I'm being lazy. I have 4 children and work and normally never sit down so it's not like me

Hugs xxx


Hi there. I've had Endo for 20 years. I'd always be exhausted during and after it hit (apart from thr first 3 years I mainly only experience debilitating pain when I get my period). I then had a good few years of utter fatigue all the time. So difficult with work when just getting up, sitting on my bed and trying to get dressed felt impossible. What seemed to help me was a high dose iron supplement (even tho blood tests said I wasnt anaemic). It also made my periods lighter. Between the iron and exercising (swimming, yoga and cycling) when I could, not fighting it and resting as much as poss when it hit and a diet aimed at supporting the immune system it definitely lifted. Now it's not one of the symptoms I struggle the most with but definitely need a few coffees to get moving when Endo hits. Which isn't great as its best to avoid caffeine and coffee. Within minutes it increases the pain for me but at least painkillers can help with that a bit whereas there isn't a pill you can take to help when crushing fatigue hits. As mentioned above Endo is autoimmune. Your poor body is fighting all the time so it's understandable it will cause fatigue.

Good luck xx


I think another thing that is so exhausting is accepting that we have endo, truth is we all try fighting it but we can't and that in itself is exhausting. It doesn't help that doctors fob us off, assuming it's all in our heads!! I think trying to be positive is a help although this is very hard. chin up girls xxxxx


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