Tired all the time!

Has anyone else felt as if endo has taken over their life? I am constantly tired and hurting. I start my work day at 8 a.m and by noon I'm completely exhausted. And also besides from the usual endo pain,my back kills me. Mainly if i stand or sit in one spot. Doesnt seem to hurt as much if i am walking or moving. Just wondering if there may be something other than endometriosis effecting my body. I am sceduled for a hysterectomy next week. So ready to have my quality of life back.....or will i?

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The way you're feeling is so common, I get tiredness all the time and after only a few hours so I know it's directly related to endo. The back pain is also very tiring and from the moment you wake up, it's a guessing game of how exhausted you'll be that day. So I know totally how you feel. You've just got to be so gentle with yourself, it's just your body trying to fight it. Hope your op goes well. Xx 

Hi - what are you having the hysterectomy for - do you have adenomyosis?

Endometriosis. I'm 35 and have had 3 csections. So they say it's from scar tissue. I've been n complete missery for a total of 10 years

I feel like this constantly too, it is really sh*tty. My back also hurts most when I sit or stand in one place too long and the pain gets almost unbearable when I am bleeding. My back is also excruciating when I lie down to sleep at night, but only for around 5-10 minutes, then it eases off and becomes less painful. I have only been diagnosed with endometriosis, so I would say in my experience it is the endo causing your pain. I hope you find some relief.

Thank u. I hate to hear others feel this also but I'm relieved to know it's not all n my head!

I know, I'm the same. If I have a good week I sometimes start to doubt myself and think 'is it really as bad as I think it is, do I over react?' then the pain hits again and I don't think I do over react! It sucks that other people go through it, but at least you know you're not mad. I really hope your hysterectomy helps, if you ever need to talk, I'm here, I know how lonely it can be.  

Thank you! My husband gets pretty upset at times. Guess he feels deserted lol. Cause not only does the pain kill me to have sex but I just dont feel like I want to. I'm pretty sure that's another side effect of endo

Yup, I feel the same. My partner is pretty supportive but I worry he'll get sick of not having sex. It's not just the pain that puts me off, I don't know about you but I feel gross most of the time (weight gain and acne due to prostap) and I just don't feel like it. Do you get bloated after eating and feel full after eating only a little? I'm really struggling with that atm.

Yes! I do. I am so glad I joined this group! I know exactly what u mean. I can't remember the last time i was able to eat a full meal at one time. I mainly just snack here and there all day long

Hi!  Yes..im the same as you.  My back ache is near enough constant and really brings me down. I would love to hear how you feel after hysterectomy if you don't mind sharing as a decision will be made if I'm to have one in May. Good luck and try and rest when you can! 

Yes. I sure will let every one know how it goes. I'm having an abdominal so they r cutting c section scar back open to do it. That scares me alot! Also said he would scrap the endo as best he could

Hi darling, are you having this done at a bsge centre, only general gyne often miss endo, and if endo is left behind after a hysterectomy you could still be in pain, I had a hysterectomy in July, for adenomyosis and in pain daily still, I'm now under a bsge centre and due to have another laparoscopy to remove endo that may have been left behind, your endo needs to be excised thoroughly, in order to get the best outcome, good luck, 

It is my obgyn doing it at the hospital.he did tell me There was no guarantee after words that I'd be pain free. I'm really hoping for any kind of relief. Did yours seem to help at all?

It helped with the major pain during period time, but apart from that not much, I'm still in some form of aches and pains daily, still shattered and generally free shit, lol, a specialist at a bsge centre have undergone a separate excision course, so are much more experience d, I had a lap in march diagnosed with endo and adenomyosis, he excised endo then I had hysterectomy for adeno, maybe if I had been reffered to a specialist things may have been better, but we are all different and hopefully the hysterectomy will work wonders for you, xx

Feel exactly the same but now I bleed all the time im awaiting for an appointment at the mo with the gyne x

That's one thing that I've found I am different. I only bleed for like three days a month. Its very heavy but thankfully it doesn't last long. 

Yes I get period pain when I stand too long. I don't have much bother with back pain tho . I seem to get quite tired too even tho I sleep well

Good luck with your hysterectomy 

How are you feeling ?

I am waiting for my date for mine 

Some days r better than others. But for the most part I'm tired and hurting all the time.

I strongly recommend taking vitamins and visiting a physio who knows about endo - did wonders for me x 

Yes I actually have some vitamins. And they so help.....when i remember to take them lol

Careful with vitamins.  My GP says they actually caused my endo to form in the first place. 

O wow. I never would have thought that! Thank you!

What, I wouldn't believe that, what vitimins, ??

That's a novel theory!

I'm 8 months post hysterectomy and significantly more tired and in more generalised pain, tho less stabbing pain and bloating. Mine was for adenomyosis but as I also suffer chronic fatigue the op and subsequent menopause caused a massive flare in those symptons. My hope was the fatigue I suffered was from the adenomyosis but sadly not. 

Dang I am sorry to hear that. I can't imagine if this doesn't get better soon

That's the same as me, I'm still poorly 9 months after hysterectomy for adenomyosis, I'm awaiting another laparoscopy to check if endo was missed, 

I have my lap next week to confirm endometriosis but I am tired all the time too! After all these years of thinking it was just being tired from working so much I am hoping to have something that will explain my symptoms! I am nearly always in some sort of pain whether it be aches in my legs, knees, hip, tummy, migraine.. There always seems to be something wrong. You start to feel like a hypochondriac and that it's all in your head! Xx


Sorry to hear that you all are suffering. I'm the same I've had numerous operations to remove Endo and adhesions and still Endo comes back. I had hystercretomy done 4 years ago and still had no relief, I've had 3 children and was told having hystercretomy will cure Endo, so I went ahead and had it done only to realise afterwards that hystercretomy wasn't a cure at all. I really wished I had done my research before going ahead with it.

I'm so tired all the time, my whole body hurts so much, I can't sleep properly during the night and can't sleep during the day due to Endo pains. I've been diagnosed with celiac disease and disc protrusion,no have an eating disorder I have trouble eating solid foods and if I do eat I get bloated after a few bites, I usually stick to liquids, my dietician gave me meal replacement drinks so I don't go hungry throughout the day and I'm hoping that I will be able to put on some weight as I'm currently underweight.

Good luck with your hystercretomy hope it goes well for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Hi, I am awaiting my lap & reading this I can totally emphasise - I am tired all the time , even with good sleep & find when I am on my feet too long or sit for too long my back/ under my ribs & at the worst pain in my pelvis & down leg - all on my left side. Endo can cause all these symptoms & esp tiredness!  I am on naproxen & amytriptalin ( ? Spelling) which has controlled my pain but I am still sooo tired! Definitely a pain when trying to work & engage in family life. 

Wish you all the best with your operation & hope u feel better soon x 

I find the debilitating exhaustion one of the most difficult aspects of endometriosis to deal with in my experience. I feel exhausted pretty much all of the time, but after around 3pm I'm completely shattered.

I find standing longer than 10 mins a real struggle because of pelvic pain and, in particular, hip pain on my right side. 

Exhausted all the time! I sleep pretty well but I wake up still feeling shattered. Currently waiting on my surgery which is happening on the 1st June so hoping things will improve then. Strangely I never felt this tired before my previous operations so can only assume it's the pain/ medication and old age combined this time around. I've been very lucky that my work have let me work from home more and I've got a fit for work certificate from the GP to say I should be able to work from home when I need to. I find it really does help not having to get up so early and commute into the office. I guess it's a case of balancing commitments and resting when you can.

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