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Feeling really depressed :(

Hi Everyone hope u r all well.

I have appointment next month with gyne to discuss lap to check for endo. I was told to get mirena which was fitted 4 months ago. I have been getting more and more pains and it doesn't seem to b helping. I have the last 2 weeks been so depressed. Spent yesterday crying all day and now feel worse today. Just in so much pain and feeling sooooo low :( I have also been having bad thoughts which really scares me. When I take pain killers they either don't help or the strong ones make me sleepy which is no help with 4 children. I just wondered if it might b the mirena making me feel so bad and thinking about having it out. I wanted to check if anyone has tried the pill and if this would b better for depression and to help with pains. I'm also worried if I take this mirena out the gyne won't take me seriously and make me wait another 6 months.

Any help or advice would b great


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Hey hun

I've suffered from serious depression in the past so really didn't want hormonal treatment. My second implant seriously messed with my moods.

I got talked (forced) into having a mirena fitted at my first lap last Dec. I never thought I would say this, as I was so against any hormones, but mirena seems to be pretty good (for me anyway).

They say that the hormones stay in the womb, so you get less side effects than other hormonal contraception. My periods haven't stopped but have gone from 2 weeks long every 2 weeks to 1 week long every 3 weeks.

Before I had the mirena I had a copper coil. I've not had children which is supposed to make them more painful. I would say that if you've never had any type of coil before, you can get stabbing pains that weren't there before.

Unfortunately, I've been on heavy painkillers since it was fitted (due to kidney pain) so I can't give an accurate picture of the pain levels with a mirena.

Regarding my moods- ive found that they aren't like when I was on other hormonal contraception. I don't cry loads and my moods seem stable - just like when I'm not on any hormones. So I would say my moods are my own, if that makes sense.

However, due to the pain levels I'm experiencing, not knowing what's full wrong with me and recently the added worry of finances- I'm keeping anti depressants in mind for the future. ( I have been on them before during a serious depressive episode).

Some ladies on here have mentioned post surgery blues which seem to be common. If you are having severe pain with the mirena you may want to get it checked as sometimes if they aren't in the right position or have moved, then they could cause that pain.

You may want to speak to your gp about your state of mind. Its quite common for people with long term pain/conditions to get down. My gp has been asking me how im coping, due to my history of depression. If you speak to them they can support you.

And if you are seriously down and having bad thoughts, get help now! Phone samaratins or the mind charity and they can talk you through. They are there 24 hours a day,everday:


Don't suffer alone hun, reach out and get help. There is no shame in it. This disease would make anyone sad, and as women we try to cope with everything that gets thrown at us.

Massive hugs



Thanks so much for replying. It's really nice being able to chat with others who know what I'm feeling like. I have just felt so down lately and haven't felt like this since being teenager :)

My periods have almost stopped with the mirena so that's good but I was a bit concerned as the pains are worse. I will wait to c the gyne next month and see what they suggest. I'm just fed up with being in so much pain and no doctors seem to care!!

Hugs xxx


It's ok- I find this board really supportive too :)

Yeah, your gynae may be able to suggest something else.. if you've not had a lap to remove the endo yet- that may be needed as sometimes hormones alone is not enough.

If you ring gynae /tell your gp that your pain is getting worse, they may be able to get your gynae app brought forward.

GP also can arrange for your coil to be checked ( sometimes you can have a perforation or an infection from the fitting ). So if you are in agony I would ask them to check it. If they find its sitting ok, they could still prescribe you some proper pain relief to last until your gynae app.



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