Pelvic mass

Hi im really worried. Recently went to my doctors with a painless mass in my stomach. He sent me for a scan which showed a 18 by 13 cm mass (lower left side) it doesn't have the same consistency as a fibroid so sent me for urgent ct only symptoms are painful period and ovulation pain and my boobs get so painful now before my period also the masa seems to grow before my period. Im so worried

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It could be an ovarian cyst. Mine grew to 20cm. Are you due to be seen again soon

Yes I have had a letter to see a gynaecological oncology consultant so now im really scared x

I bet. I went through similar 2 years ago. I was referred to gynae oncology consultant. I hope you get seen soon

What happened with you.was you ok?

Sorry for delay. I'm not good at this site yet! I had cyst removed endoscopically. It had stuck to tissues inside so I had some raw areas where they pulled it off. Apart from that it was fine

Im glad things was good for you im just getting frustrated as nobody has told me what it first I thought it was a fibroid then had two scans and my doctor was unsure so had urgent ct scan..then the hospital telling me ive got an appointment with the gynecologist oncology consultant on Thursday. I feel fine only little niggly pains...its driving me mad x

I bet. Hope thursday comes quickly and you get some answers. Will you let me know

Hi. Gyno onc is pretty sure its a fibroid. Got to have mri next week just to confirm it but doesn't feel Ihave aanything to worry about. So feeling so much more positive x

That sounds like good news. Fingers crossed

Hi just to let u know it turned out to be a broad ligament fibroid with degenerating fibroids.had a full hysterectomy last week (one ovarie left ) so I wouldn't go straight into menopause and am on road to recovery :-) x

Glad you have found out what's going on. Hope that you continue to mend

Hi there,

So sorry to hear you are going through all this worry.

I know it's easier said then done but please try and not worry too much and occupy yourself with nice things like lunches with friends, time with family anything really to take your mind of it.

I know I wish I done that, you see I went through the exact same at the back end of 2007, I too had a mass the size of a tennis ball that seemed to grow just before my period, it was also the only time I had any discomfort from it.

I had all the ct, MRI and X-rays along with blood tests and then surgery on 26th January 2008, I then had a very long nail biting wait for the pathology results, all came back fine, that was my very first experience with endo and as they say the rest is history!!

I have since developed further masses and had further surgeries, it is not very common to have that type of endo, but I know of a couple of ladies on this site with it.

I Really hope all goes well for you

L xx

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