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Scan frustration

After several different hospital appointments and lots of different unsuccessful treatment zoladex, mirena etc I asked to get refered to an endometriosis specialist. I was lucky to get an appointment and went with a high level of optimism . When I walked in the Doctor said what are you here for? When I explained I thought I was seeing a specialist he said no they were for general gynae. However he said he would still do a scan then he would refer me. He asked me about my symptoms and when I got a pre typed up list out of my bag he said no that's to long I'll just ask you some questions he did not ask what treatments I had tried or how long or intense any of the symptoms are. Finally I had a transvaginal scan, I asked the doctor what he was looking for specifically and he said endometriosis, when I questioned this saying I didn't think you could diagnose this from a scan he said that this was a special department and that they could see it. He said he can see my ovaries are stuck to the sides and he can see a small nodule. He edventually agreed to refer me to the endometriosis team before he suggested I try the mini pill to treat it as " you don't need surgery" am I missing something? Can he really tell this from a scan? I feel really frustrated with his treatment why do they never seem to get the diagnostic Side right??

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Hi - an ultrasound will usually be best for detecting endometriomas and these do start with a deposit of endo within the ovary so perhaps that is what he is referring to. It won't pick up much in the way of other endo but can be useful for seeing how badly the ovaries and womb are glued from their locations. I don't know if this was the first investigation but if so then it has has been useful in so far as it does suggest endo. But he can't say from this that you don't need surgery as it can give no indication of the extent of endo you may have. The protocol is to give hormone medication for 3 - 6 months and as you have clearly already had lots of these you should go back to your GP and ask why you were referred to general gynaecology rather than a specialist centre as you requested. Make sure the next referral is to the gynaecologist named at the centre you want to go to.

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Thank you for responding, yes I will go back to the doctor


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