Exercise and Endo

Hi i use herbs for pain relief which i have found to be very effective and i am now on a new endo diet as well but i am wondering what type of exercise is safe to do for endo? I can no longer horse -ride as it is too painful and i like to dance but it burns calories my new diet is for weight gain. Can't do yoga as it hurts my chest because i had an operation there many years ago.

Thanks x

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  • Hi Jenf260,

    have you tried Tai Chi or maybe swimming? I love swimming in summer time, especially whenever we go overseas somewhere nice and warm but have done it here at our local swimming pool as well :-)

    Tai Chi is meant to be very relaxing. Or just going for a 30 mins walk through the park is nice as well.

    We have a dog so I take him out every day but we used to go walking once a week before we had him as well. Hope this might help xx

  • I can't swim and yes i do walk most days with my dog but i am looking something a bit more relaxing thanks xx

  • Yoga? Doyogawithme.com has lots of great videos that you can do at home. What about learning to swim? There are courses for adults, the swimshaw (art of swimming) is designed to be very gentle on the body and a very relaxing experience

  • Hey, I would suggest swimming maybe. Or a Aqua class, you can go at your own pace and exercise without putting too much pressure on yourself! What herbs do u use for pain relief?? X

  • Hi i use raspberry leaf tea if i drink a cup at the onset of pain my pain subsides in 1-2 hours everyone is different but i find this works for me. Wild yam is also was used traditionally to treat endo its a stronger herb so cannot be used with prescribed medication especially the birth control pill. Geranium and lavender oil blend is also good applied diluted to the skin. for more information look on Amazon there is a book on there called The Endometriosis natural treatment program by Valerie ann worwood and julia stonehouse it has been a godsend to me :-)

  • I find yoga great for Endo as it's so relaxing and a big stress reliever. It also really helps my back pain.

  • Sorry meant to add if you tell them in the class about your chest pain the instructor will work around it!

  • Thank you for all your suggestions i am going to try Tai Chi :-)

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