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Hi again!

So went for my MRI today but they were unable to do it as they want me to be on my period- they never mentioned this in my appointment letter. The thing is that I had my first injection of Zoladex on 1st June which was also the first day of my last period. Will I have anymore periods now or will they stop? Really thinking that they should have done the MRI before starting the Zoladex. Nothing is ever simple!

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  • Hi

    I'm due to have an mri but the date hasn't come through yet. My gynae never mentioned that I needed to be on my period for it. I would have thought that they could see what they need to see whether you were on your period or not a bit like when you have a transvaginal scan or lap. Can you call your gynae's secretary and ask? Which hospital are you at?

    If you've had your first injection you may or may not still have another period when it's next due, it really depends on the individual. Both times I was on zoladex I got my period after the second injection but it was a lot lighter and more old blood.

    I agree nothing is simple. I've had to chase up my mri appointment this morning and they still can't confirm when it'll be. X

  • Thank you. I thought the same thing as you. My consultant never mentioned it to me either. I'm at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

    The other thing is that my periods are really irregular so I can never say exactly when they will be. They are going to book me in for next Friday I think as my period app says I'm due on then lol.

    Hope you get your appointment soon. It really stresses me out waiting for information about appointments and I'm sure it must be stressful for you too. Times like these I wish I could afford to pay privately. X

  • I'm at Hillingdon Hospital In West London.

    Check with your gynae's secretary. I'm going to check when my appointment comes through. Thanks for making me aware. X

  • Hello

    I go to frimley park hospital am on zolodex but never had MRI can I ask what specialist you see if you do first and last initial then I will know as I don't think we can post names x thanks

  • Hi Bex. I see NE. How about you?

  • S that the smartly dressman mid fifties? I see Miss D N xx

  • Yes that's him. He's really nice. I know who you are seeing. I'm a midwife there so know the docs fairly well. The reason that they're doing the MRI is because I've got a rectovaginal nodule that is causing me worsening bowel symptoms and I might need a bowel resection. They want me to have the MRI before I have my first appointment with the colorectal surgeon. Where is your endo? X

  • wow a midwife :-)

    my endo is all over attached to bowel etc.... but have only moved hear in last four years and all my notes went missing being transferred over so Miss Dn has never done a lap on me so doesn't really know the extend of it really. I have always put off a big op of fear of having a bag but I don't know. I'm on zolodex which was awful to start with as had really heavy periods for weeks but now had my fourth injection things are better. So we will see what happens.

    I get so tired how do you cope being a midwife? x

  • Sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. This disease is awful. It is hard balancing work but I'm quite lucky in that I only work one night shift each week. I'm sure that if I worked more my sickness record would be terrible. I'm going to the new endo UK meeting in Basingstoke next Monday night - perhaps you could come along?

    Karen x

  • Thanks for invite sounds good but so much going on at mo and this is very pathetic but I not great at going places by myself at night when I don't know where I'm going etc... but if anything comes up please bare me in mind.

    Good luck with MRI scan. How is the zoladex working for you?

    I have it at hospital now as nurse did it wrong x

  • No problem bex. Things are ok with the Zoladex but mostly just been feeling really depressed (similar to how I was on depo provera injection) and also a few hot flushes. I have livial add-back but haven't taken any yet. Thought I'd wait and see how I coped without them. GP has told me that they're not going to give me Zoladex next time but another one that's similar (I think maybe decapeptyl). Don't know if that's ok but I'm too tired to argue anymore. How are doing on it? Have you been on it for long? X

  • Just did long reply and it didn't send :-(

  • For the first few months I had heavy bleeding all the time for weeks but now had my fifth and things are better.

    Taking add back but still have hot flushes. I'm 35 and hard to explain to others what's going on.

    Have fun tonight please let me know how it goes and hopefully I will go next time xxxxxx

  • Shorten version of post that didn't post ;-) xx

  • I had this when I went for my MRI they said its because the blood will look different when on your period. I just argued that I wont have a period as I am on Zolodex and the coil, after allot of discussion ( I was polite but held my ground ie I need this test and there is no point sending me away as I wont have a period so when would I be called back) they agreed to do the test and put a note ref no period with the result. I haven't seen the Doc to go over my results yet so not sure if I was right to put it or not? But I agree surely they will see something even if you not on your period when they do the test?

  • Thanks JenH. They called me this morning and said they'd made me another appointment for next Friday as that's when my period would be due but they said if I have one before then just call them up and they'll try and fit me in that day. If I don't get a period then I'll just ask them to do it anyway. It seems really silly to have started me on Zoladex and THEN ask for an MRI when I would quite happily have waited for the Zoladex so they could do the scan first. Hope your results all come back ok. Do you have endo on your bowel too? X

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