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Hey, I was diagnosed with endo 6 months ago and had a ruptured ovarian cyst

Recently I've been getting pains in my lower abdominal area,head ache every morning for about 2-3 weeks, really achy shoulders for no reason, my appetite has increase, I'm frequently urinating (sorry) I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this?

I don't think it's endo as that was removed.. My gyni told me to visit a&e with any pain I receive but this could be anything and not related!

I hope your all having a good morning xxxx

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Hi Kate-Elizabeth,

Are you on any medications or having any hormone treatments?


Nope, nothing at the moment. Having fertility tests done currently x


Hi Kate-Elizabeth

It could still be the endo as it can grow back within 6 months of a lap, or the surgeon could have missed a few patches during surgery (this is common as endo can hide in small creases, scar tissue etc...). Shoulder pain can be linked to endo as it is a 'referred' pain from vagina/pelvis/abdomen like when you had the gas pains from the lap.

I would still visit your GP to get a urine test to rule out infection and perhaps have a pregnancy test done. Frequent urination and heaviness can be an early sign of pregnancy. Are you on pain meds? x


I agree with Beau83. It really is unbelievable how Endo can affect so many parts of the body. Your bladder might be affected by the Endo if it is on there; my bowels are definitely affected by my Endo. I even have back ache that I have found out could also be because I have Endo on my spine nerve! X


Thank you everyone!

I will visit gp tomorrow - I just feel stupid as it could be something silly like early period pains...

Ahhhh it's all so complicated sorry to hear about your endo problems lady's :(



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