Hi everyone.

I'm now (after 6 years of battling and endless tests for things I don't have) booked for a total hysterectomy on July 2nd. Although this was not part of my life plan at 32 I can't wait to get it over with! I would really like to hear of anyone's experience? I am nervous and don't know what to expect after the surgery.

Everyone keeps telling me that I am not understanding how major the surgery is! Although after 6 years it seems like a drop in the ocean to me!

Thank you!


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  • Hi - what is the reason for your hysterectomy?

  • Hi, years of symptoms and treatments without success! I have always suffered with heavy and painful periods and after having my son they became extreme. I also suffer with fatigue,backache, bloating, a feeling of pressure, headaches, mouth ulcers,severe pelvic pain, groin pain and leg pain. I've had all the types of contraception going all of which make me bleed constantly the longest they let me go for was 18 weeks after having the coil. I have been sterilised, had endometrial ablation and adhesions removed along with a small amount of endo. This was in 2013 and did not stop my bleeding or pain. The bleeding improved drastically but the pain got worse. I have since had tablets to stop my periods which did not work. I have now had the zoladex implant which has made such a huge difference I now only get severe pain when it's due and a few days after abd when the cyst I have flares up. I have tried some hrt also and this stopped the few symptoms I have had from the zoladex. As there is no other treatments left for me that I have not tried they agree worth me that now is the time.

    The impact it has on my quality of life is huge and I can't wait to have my life back!!

  • It sounds as if you will have been diagnosed with adenomyosis with having endometrial ablation, so a hysterectomy will make a huge difference to you. I had my hysterectomy at 40 and to be honest I found recovery absolutely fine. You can expect to be in a bit of pain for a couple of weeks or so, so be sure to take the painkillers as directed or as you need them and be sure not to do any of the things they tell you not to while you are healing. I assume you are keeping your ovaries so it will be important that any endo is excised at the same time and they will behave differently without your uterus so you might feel a little emotional for a while. Just try and go with it and allow yourself to be spoiled by those around you. I agree that when your uterus rules your life any trauma of a hysterectomy is likely to have less impact when you have been suffering so much than for someone who hasn't. You sound very positive and I hope it all goes well. x

  • I am having my ovaries and cervix removed as well. I have a hormone imbalance as well and this should resolve that as the amount of hrt I will need will be a lot lower than I currently produce and this is the best option for long term results. Due to previous operations I have quite a lot of scar tissue and if they have to go back in again it would make the surgery very difficult and therefore the risks much higher so this is the most logical choice. I'm lucky that I have been blessed with 2 beautiful children and I just want my life back before I miss them being little! Thank you for replying I do appreciate it xx

  • Hormone imbalance is one of the hallmarks of endo so that should hopefully resolve, but just be aware that it can still grow under HRT and you should aim for the lowest levels possible. Be sure to have regular blood tests taken to monitor it and also be vigilant to any continuing pain symptoms as a hysterectomy doesn't cure endo. If unfortunately they should continue you may still need your endo excising at some point in the future in which case it must be done by skilled experts. Click on my name to see my post on finding a specialist just in case you do need one at some time so you are not messed about. x

  • Thank you for that advice it will make sure I am armed with information just in case xx

  • Hi I had a total hysterectomy 3 months ago after years of suffering endo and adenomyosis. I tried many different treatments to live with symptoms and continued to be in pain so hysterectomy was final option. I was lucky to be offered a laparoscopic hysterectomy but also had a bowel resection at same time as endo deep on bowel which did leave me with a small ish wound. I was put on HRT the next day and I recovered brilliantly. I was back to work after 4 weeks and now 3 months on I can honestly say it was the best decision. I can't believe how fabulous I now feel and didn't really realise the extent of how bad I was feeling. My consultant is still keeping a close eye on me because of the severity of the endo but so far so good. I think you will be surprised how good you will feel after. I'm sure you will recover well if you have a positive outlook and if as Lindle says allow loved ones to look after you. Xx

  • I had a call from the hospital last week to finally be given my date for total hysterectomy on June 24th....so relieved after many years of putting up with endo and adenomyosis

    My bowel and bladder need repair to so I expect long op with 3 surgeons. Doc says I will struggle to keep an ovary as everything is stuck, even have it on my appendix.

    Not sure what to expect of the recovery either but I'll keep you posted after surgery....good luck with yours


  • Hello,

    I had a hysterectomy on Monday and so far I feel better than I thought I would. I am uncomfortable and sore but not in pain like I was before. The worse thing so far has been how incredibly tired I feel and how up and down I am, I've been very emotional at some points. Obviously it is very early days but so far it has not been too bad. WinnieWoo and Aj2010 if you want to know more about the recovery or the actual operation, please ask me! I am happy to discuss it with you!! Good luck to you both!

    Sylvia xxx

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply I really so appreciate it.

    I am generally a positive person, although lately that's got harder, and I'm lucky enough to have a very supportive and understanding husband as well as lovely in laws and friends.

    It's just nice to hear other people's good experiences as I find that people like to tell you the bad side!

    Best of luck with your recoveries ladies and I hope this really does turn your life around xxxx

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