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Waiting longer then 18 weeks and still no date?

Has anyone here waited longer then 18 weeks for a laparoscopy? I've been waiting since February (well November actually, I was put on the pill back to back for three months to see if it helped...it didnt)

Its now been over 18 weeks and I am still waiting, I don't even have a date! I can't go anywhere, book anything, take a new job, move house, everything is waiting on this date.

I've been on the phone for an hour today trying to speak to various people and departments, no one is answering any phones. Its driving me insane, also the pain is getting way worse, my health is declining and the side effects of some horrible pill I am on won't settle down!

What can I do now? Any advice very greatly appreciated. I am at crappy Lewisham Hospital, unfortunately.

Thanks everyone

K x

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Yes! I can empathise with you on this. I have currently been waiting for 38 weeks. I was referred in Sept by my GP and even had my pre op appointment in Feb. Then I got left with no date... I didn't dare book anything and I'm supposed to be moving house next month...

I have got my GP on the case- I got them to write to the department, asking for my case to be 'expedited' (changed from routine to urgent, as I'm now off work with the pain.)

I also rang the hospital's Patient Liason Service and talked with someone there, who went to the head of Gynae to see if I could be given a cancellation.

Well, making some noise worked, as that afternoon, they rang me back and I'm now booked in with a cancellation appointment for 19th June. I'm not at your hospital though.

Make some noise and get your GP involved! It seemed to work for me. Good luck x


I feel so sorry for you I'm awaiting my first lap to confirm if I have endo been waiting since Feb and heard nothing spoke to gyn ward they told me be 15 week wait just for a consultation and the 3 months I've been waiting driving me nuts hope you get something soon xx


Since January I have been waiting and been told 28th August complete joke! NHS is struggling big time.....I work for the NHS too......the NHS won't last so just hold tight a date will come. They say 18 weeks but it does not happen! Good luck xxx


I was initially a routine referral but my GP then wrote off and got it changed to urgent. that was aug/sept last year. I rang in the dec -lucky i did as i was about to go over the wait time for urgent. I got an appointment during that phone call for 4 wks later. Same with my lap date I kept phoning my consultants secretary about the date. I got the date thro phoning her one day. We have a little laugh every time I phone now. I rang her 2 days ago about my next date for a procedure. I work in the NHS so I know about the waiting times and how management dont like to breech waiting lists. I rang patient referrals who gave me the secretary number. I'd keep ringing. Hope this helps.


I did that too, when I found out who my consultant was I rang his secretary every day and with an urgent referral from my GP had my consultation date brought from middle of august to early June! Would definitely recommend constantly calling for cancellation dates


Hi everyone, thanks so much for your advice!

I rang up again today and also rang the secretary and asked for her to inform my consultant and the lead gynaecologist. It worked! 10 min later I had a surgery date and two appointments next week to see my doctor and have another pre-assessment.

I'm having surgery on Saturday 20th, thank you all so so much for your help! I really appreciate it.

K xxx


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