Still waiting for my Lapcolly!

Am still in hospital been in two weeks tomorrow! Am still waiting to go for my laparoscopy but they keep saying they won't do it while am swollen my pains getting worse I've had a poor nights sleep last night, I just want this operation and then go home :( but I shouldn't really complain as they have actually kept me in for once I normally get messed around and keep getting told to come back if pain gets worse! Am just fed up now as I think anyone would be after 2 weeks in a hospital bed :(

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  • So sorry you are having such a miserable time.I do hope the ladies making a nuisance have gone home now or you have got moved.Two weeks is a long time to be in hospital without being operated on.Have you asked doctors why they cant operate?Do you have an infecion or kidney problems?They must have their reasons but at least as you say,you are being taken seriously.I absolutely wish I would just get taken in and they would do all the tests and do a lap.I am booked for a hysteroscopy on Friday but am in bed with a severe UTI at moment and not responding to antibiotics so am praying the op doesn't get cancelled! I really do sympathise as hospitals are not the best of places to heal -lack of sleep,lack of privacy ,poor food!

    Don't let them sent you out to recover as then youll have to wait all over.

    Sending you a hug and hang in there!

  • Yeah those ladies went home and they said they won't do the lap now as they don't think I need it am back on 4 weeks to see the consultant who surgested the op as he isn't here for 3 weeks and some other consultant told me he won't do it I was ment to go home yesterday meds took the piss and then I was ment to go home today but I got worse so in again tonight gota see gyane again tomorrow at some point to see what they say

  • Sounds as if you are getting messed around ! Have you got someone -family member or friend who could speak with you and doctor.You are entitled to some explanation as to why they don't think you need a lap now?What is your endo background?

    If you are worse then refuse to go home.I was in this situation once and they sent me home despite me saying the pains were worse.I begged them to do a lap to find what was causing the pain and they just said the cysts would clear up with antibiotics and sent me home.I ended up being rushed back in with burst cyst and having an emergency lap the next night.

    All I can say is that you must be pretty unwell for them to keep you 2 weeks.It is so frustrating for you

  • Am back in 4 weeks to see the orginal consultant who suggested it as I know he will do it as he wants to remove adhesions, my endo background is stage 3 and it's on my tube from my kidney to my bladder, I did refuse to go home yesterday didn't work as they got the doctor to come and speak to me and he was still determined to send me home but my stomach went triple the size this morning so they got the doctor to see me and now gota see gyane again hopefully they come in the morning, am going to ask for my oramorph in a min as am still in alot of pain :(

  • Hang in there lady and hope you get some relief from pain.Im about to take my cocktail of pills now and hope I get some sleep also! Swelling sounds bad -wonder if your kidneys are damaged.I did read through your other posts and see you have experiencedv ery similar UTI problems to myself.

    Let me know how you geton tomorrow and I hope theydont send you out in this state.

  • Am trying to am dead sleepy aswell but I know if I fall asleep now I won't sleep all night! I've been told today I have a uti but there waiting for results to come from lab before starting me on antibiotics as am allergic to lots of them typical hey! I will do hun I probably will end up going home tomorrow, I do wanna go home to my own bed but I just feel so unwell :(

  • Hope you get a few hours sleep -just sleep when you can.Take care and keep me posted.There are not so many on this new format forum,which is a pity they changed it.

  • I will do ill be asleep in a min thank goodness and I will do chick I like this health unlocked it's quite good and tbh the update is alright once you gey used to it

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