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2 weeks post op and now an infection

2 weeks ago today I had an anterior and posterior prolapse repair along with sacro spinous fixation....it's been a really tough two weeks,incredibly painful and upsetting.

On Sunday I started to feel a lot worse with pain down there and difficulty going for a wee, by yesterday morning I was climbing the walls with the pain and for the first time ever managed to get an appointment with no questions asked at the surgery. I have an infection in the stitches and a bladder infection and have been told I need longer off work than previously thought.....and had all pain meds upped and given strong antibiotics to clear the infections.

Today I feel a million times worse, every time I move I want to throw up and just want the burning pain down below to go away.

Of all the ops/treatments I've had to treat the endo this one has been by far the worst and struggling to bounce back from it :-(

Sorry for the ramblings,feeling really down and fed up today :-(

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You poor thing. I recently had a pretty extensive op for frozen pelvis and a week later developed an infection with a roaring temperature. Luckily I got to see a doctor quickly and the antibiotics are working but I am supplementing with a really strong probiotic too. I keep them in he fridge and take on an empty stomach 2 hrs before the antibiotic. Send someone out to find a probiotic at a good healthfood shop that stores them in the fridge.

The antibiotics you are taking will take time to have an effect. I started taking mine on Saturday and today is the first day I feel a bit more human. The bladder and the bowel often get affected after surgery down there. Even though it's painful are you actually able to pass urine?


Hi brownlow

Thank you for your reply I will send my hubby out in the morning to get me some probiotics. I'm managing to wee a little bit each time I go even though it's so painful and incredibly swollen down there. I ended up with a lot more stitches down there than they were expecting but I have to keep reminding myself that it's still early days and that I need to take it one step at a time.

Good luck with your recovery hope things start to pick up for you

Take care


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