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After having a laparoscopy in masrch finally been to see my gynae and yep all my end to as gone. I should be happy but I'm not because when I had my first lap twenty years ago they said my bowel was stuck together I had adhesions and chocolate cysts. This speciuallist said it was all cleasr nothing there and that my pain is not from that and he can't give me any pain relief. He discharged me .

I did ask him how it can disappear he didnt no. Why am I getting pain every month up my bottom and vagina and my lower right side. He's referred me to the bowel department.

I think they think its in my head

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Doubt it is all in your head. A bowel department check certainly will rule out other things, but I would ask for a referral to a specialist BSGE centre to follow up further, if your instincts tell you something isn't right- listen to your instincts!

I had my bottom prodded and poked several times over the course of a few years ( not pleasant, or dignified), and I doubt my stage 4 endo would have been properly diagnosed, had I not had open surgery during a c-section where the surgeon spotted endo, and confirmed it's all over the pouch of Douglas.

You could ask your gynae if you have inadvertently cured endo, and he could share it with the rest of the world with a ground breaking scientific publication, but I doubt he really believes this to be the case, and perhaps is out of his depth. He's allowed to be, this is complex stuff- however in my experience, they will not admit lack of experience, so you have to seek someone with the right experience.

Good luck, don't give up!


Thank you for your reply.

I'm going to see my gp to get referred to Sheffield I am not happy especially the fact that I couldn't get an answer about why its disappeared.


Hi Ella - The first thing I suggest is getting a copy of the surgical report that the consultant sent to your GP just to see exactly what was reported such as that he searched your pouch of douglas and it was entirely clear, and also the one from 20 years ago. You might have to pay a small charge for these. If you have been in and out of your doctors over all this time like most of us it might be best to make an appointment to go in and view all your records just to see what has been been written about you - it can be very enlightening. I am apparently still psychologically disturbed for imagining all my symptoms despite having had a 6 hour lap to remove the imagined cause! I assume nothing was done at the earlier lap? If you had chocolate cysts all that time ago you already had well established endo and I assume you have been in pain ever since. It is possible for the mildest endo to regress but adhesions don't disappear. This consultant is likely to be a general obstetrician who may well have not ventured further than your uterus and ovaries. I think the time has come for you to take charge now and learn all you can about your condition and the paths open to you for proper care. Click on my name and look at my post on POD endo and how to find a specialist. When you have the reports you can get back to me privately if you wish. x


Their is specialist at Sheffield hospital hoping to get referred by my gp. When I had the first lap they did laser some off but I was told I had only one ovary and one tube. They did a good job I can't say the same this time he wasn't listening to me. I think all he did was look at my ovary and uterus. In regards to the pain he thinks its bowel but I've had investigations I've had two cameras and they found diverticulitis. He wouldn't give me anything for the pain because he hasn't found anything.


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