Hi Ladies.

I just want to say thank you for all your kind words and get well messages i really appreciate them.

I am still in hospital, I have been very poorly and struggling to control the pain.

I had a x ray in the morning today and a bowel specialist came to see me. I have been told that I have a bowel blockage a large area is blocked they have given me 4 enemas and nothing has happened other than causing me to be rolling around in pain because of the cramps. The specialist has now said I'm taking a large dose of oral laxatives to soften it all as it looks like concrete and then start the enama again tomorrow feeling pretty sick already but it needs to be done as I'm in awful pain.

They have said that once it's clear I will be refered to gastrointestinal as they said I could have chrones or something else can't remember what he said, so a bit anxious I do hope I haven't got that.

I think I'm going to be here for a while yet😕

Just thought I would let you all know and thanks again for your lovely messages.

Hugs to you all

Jo xx

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  • Ah Hun I'm so sorry to hear that, sending you good luck Hun I hope you get it sorted soon, hopefully as soon as they clear it you will feel loads better

    Lots of love


  • Was the other one ulcerative colitis? Xx

  • Hi hun.

    Thanks for your messages I'm hoping that once this is moving then I will feel some relief it's just awful pain. Yes that was the other thing hun ulcerative colitis and something beginning with D not sure.

    How are you feeling now?x

  • They're to do with bowel inflammation? My nan has them, they are really painful bless you that's not nice on top of what you have I hope they can make it better for you Hun xx

    Don't even ask Hun, not good at moment xx

  • Yes They think that is the sharp left sided pain that I'm feeling it feels like it's burning god knows what it will be like tomorrow with the enama. Oh no hun what's going on x

  • Dear Jo, I am so sorry to hear this. You must feel so poorly. I hope they are taking excellent care of you and that they can get things sorted for you very soon. Thinking of you lovely and sending positive vibes x x x x

  • Thanks hun yes i am feeling very poorly but really pleased that they have actually said I have a blockage in my bowel as I have suspected it for such a long time. They have been great in here they have really looked after Mr and been lovely. Thank m you for your lovely messages xx

  • Yes at least it explains why you've been feeling so terrible and having all those awful pains. Hope they can get things moving. Glad to hear they are being so kind. It's what you need when you're feeling so vulnerable. Take care x

  • Yes I am relieved I have been telling Dr's for a year and a half I have bowel pain and there answer was laxatives. I'm really blocked they say it's like concrete. Yes they have been great and I'm do pleased that you all have given me comforting words. Xx

  • You poor thing. It's horrible when you feel like you haven't been listened to. I'm just glad you are in the right pace now and hopefully they can shift the concrete with some dynamite!! Hope you are managing to rest. Hospital can be noisy. X

  • Yes I have been telling them forever that my bowels aren't right . It makes me cross. Thanks for the message hun

    I hope you are well xx

  • I know what you mean. On the one hand you feel glad that they're finally sorting you out but equally it is frustrating that you've had to get into such a pickle. Hopefully they will get you feeling much better soon. Today is a new day. Keep your chin up hun. X

  • Oh bless you, it'll be such a relief when you're pain free, so sorry to hear what a horrible time you're going through. Take care xxxx

  • Hi hun

    Yes I'm hoping that this is really going to improve my pain when it has gone. Thank you for your message I hope you are well xx

  • Hi Jo - thank god they've found a cause for your pain. It must be excruciating. Crohn's is autoimmune which could fit. Take care x

  • Hi, so sorry to hear what's going on! Can I ask...why did you think there was something going on for a while? I've thought that recently and just this last week noticed a lumpy bit in the top right where my colon is. It feels a bit like there's something moving through my bowels but it hasn't moved so its like its stuck. I had an ultrasound which showed nothing and been prescribed laxido but it doesn't seem to be doing a lot!? Xx

  • Hi Jo,

    You're really going through the mill aren't you? I'm sorry you are having such an awful time. I hope they sort you out soon and feeling a lot better.

    Hope your pain is better today.


  • Sad to hear what you are going through, wishing you a quick recovery and relief after all that you are going through.


  • Dear Jo, been thinking of you. Hope you are feeling much better and you're out of hospital now. Take care x x

  • Hi hun.

    Thanks for your reply. I'm still in hospital I am on a morphine drip as they can't control the pain. They think they have cleared the bowel I will be having a colonoscopy on Monday.

    I hope you are well

    Jo xx

  • Oh bless you. So sorry that you're still in hospital but good news they've cleared the bowel. You must feel so wretched with it all. I hope that the morphine is helping. Get well hugs x x

  • Thanks hun.

    I'm ok all I want to do is sleep I'm on morphine all the time now that's the only thing thing that controls the pain.

    I'm a bit fed up of being in now and I'm really missing my kids but I'm having a colonoscopy I'm here on Monday which Im pleased they are doing it might answer some questions and I've got some other tests Booked with gastro as a outp so getting there slowly just so tired. Hope you are well xx

  • You poor thing. You must be missing the kids loads. I'm just glad they are taking you seriously and looking into everything. Good luck with the colonoscopy. I'll be thinking of you. xx

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