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Awful pain

Evening ladies... Just wondering how it's all going for you all? I've just had my 2nd emergency lap of 2015 as in mega pain and still am I had obviously endo burnt away fluid removed which has been sent of to be tested and also my coil removed due to the amount of infections it has been causing me I'm on loads of tablets but nothing seems to be shifting this pain at all and to make it worse I'm now uncomfortable due to the op just wondering if you ladies would give abit of advice on something different I could try?

Thanks in advance xxx

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Hi Abbie - I looked through your posts and see that you are having bladder problems that might be due to endo there. Since you are in so much pain I think you are likely to have endo in places that haven't been seen since I assume you are currently being treated in general gynaecology. What triggers my concern is you mentioning that obviously your endo has been burned. This is called ablation and is usually practiced by general gynaecologists but it isn't a thorough treatment. You need you endo excised fully and that is the work of endo specialists. I imagine the fluid has been found in the pouch of douglas which indicates that you might have endo there - this is a hidden place deep behind the uterus that is often missed at initial investigations. You are young and have a chance to turn this around if you are treated by the right people. Click on my name and have a look at my post on pouch of douglas endo and see if you identify with the symptoms and most importantly on my post about how to access a specialist centre. I think it is vital that you now learn as much as you can about your condition and the treatments available to you. If you are in England you can see anyone you like anywhere in the country - what area do you live in? Be sure to read the links at the bottom of my post as to your rights so you are well prepared when asking for referral to an endo centre for a second opinion and proper treatment. x

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Ahh brilliant thank you so much for this I defiantly will have a look since my op on Thursday things seem to be getting worse so I'm not sure what they have actually done to me :-/ I am seein a different gynae specialist and he is the top one in my hospital I live in Chippenham but go to swindon hospital xx


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