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Hi, I had my laparoscopy on Monday (5 days ago now) and had some adhesions cut away. I have been to the GP as my sister who is a nurse told me she thought I had Thrombophlebitis in the arm which had the Venflon in on Monday 😪😪 I sure enough have Thrombophlebitis and I am now on Flucloxacillin 4 times a day. My belly button incision is so sore and tender and still yukky under the dressings which have been changed twice. How long before the antibiotics help heal the sore looking belly button? The GP said the Flucloxacillin will help infection in vein and yukky looking button. My hospital didn't stress enough how crap I'd feel afterwards - I've likened it to being like run over by a bus! Any advice greatly appreciated x

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Hi, I had mine 15 days ago and mine is nearly healed now I had to have 4 incisions and all are nearly healed. But I didn't have much problems with it being yukky. I cleaned mine every few hours just to make sure but I would suggest going to a walk in centre maybe if you're in a lot of pain or worried. I have found them to be much more effective than doctors. If you need any advice ASAP I'd suggest calling 111 as they helped me when I had any problems.

It may help to take your dressings off as much as possible and let the air at them. I took mine off after 2 days and just made sure they were clean all the time. Hope this helps :)


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