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Losing weight to improve endo symptoms?


Hi there,

Looking for advice/stories.

Lately I've been considering joining slimming world to lose the stone (and a bit) of extra weight I've been carrying since my early teens. I was wondering if anyone here has found that: 1) losing weight and eating better has eased their symptoms, or 2) has attending a group like slimming world been beneficial in any way?

I'm not into trying the endo diet whilst I'm still living at home. I barely eat bread and red meat anyway.


Rachel xx

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Hi Rachel

I put on over 2st whilst being on different hormones. I'm trying to lose it now (So far 1st and a bit) as now I'm only on one hormon hoping losing weight will be easier. I just eat healthier and move more although moving sometimes is hard because of pain. When it comes to symptoms they didn't improve much. My mood is better as I don't put rubbish into my body anymore and have a bit more energy. I'm thinking now about going gluten free. I've heard it can help with bloating and swollen belly. I just need to educate myself about it first as I have no idea where to start. Good luck xx

Hi Rachel. I have stage 4 endo and joined slimming world 14 months ago. I’ve lost 2 stone and although it didn’t make much difference to my endo (I had more surgery in Dec, 8 months after joining slimming world!) I feel a million times better in myself. Go for it! xxx

rachel239 in reply to Sarahlou01

Wow, well done! Maybe I should just give it a bash! xx

Reduce your carbs. A bacteria called Candida albicans grows in the gut and feeds on carbs but is encouraged to grow by oestrogen. However, it also produces plant oestrogen. Endo is encourages to grow by oestrogen but also produces its own oestrogen. So the two help each other along.

Hi rachel239, I made the decision to lose weight, which I’ve managed, and I think I have noticed a positive difference in my symptoms although I now stick to a fairly stick diet too so it could be that.

I haven’t gone diary free but I have reduced my gluten intake (instead of normal bread etc for lunch, I’ll have gluten free wraps or pita breads) - I think less gluten helps with the bloating. I’m also caffeine free and avoid alcohol as much as possible.

I found that eating smaller meals helps too and I eat my dinner early so my body can still digest it and there’s less strain on my organs (reduces the strained/pulling pains).

So yes, maintaining a healthy weight with a regular diet/routine and regular exercise has helped me 🙂 xx

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