Is it just me

I had the Marina coil fitted in October 2014 by March I had gone up to dress sizes and my belly was getting bigger as well as my arms and legs and the doctor said stop eating burgers 😕😐 and said I should work extra hard in the gym that's y he has a great body and said the coil has nothing to do with gaining weight!!!! I'm going to remove it 26th of this month I'm just scared about all that pain coming back but I can't take being this fat anymore!! Endo NEEDS a cure, there's a cure for everything we are just not given it. Sad really

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  • Hi hun i put on a stone when i had marina fitted . I did sw for years and never put on weight but it did not work with that in i had it removed and lost some but not enough before hysterectomy . Now i am really struggling to loose it gone over to ww now .

    As for pai coming back mine did but i only had 2 months before my op . Best thing i did before was having it out .

    Hope all goes well and you dont get to much pain bavk xxxxx

  • No it's not just u Hun it's the coil making u put on weight it's horrid it is basically like the defo but in a coil version xx

  • Not just you! I was gutted because I lost 2 stone and then had the coil fitted and put it all back on again even though I am eating and excerising the same! My gynecologist did warn me that I would probably gain weight so your doctor saying that the coil had nothing to do with weight gain is just silly really!

  • Defiantly not just you!!!! I gained a whole stone after having it out in April 2014, with a lot of determination and starvation I have now lost it but its a real struggle keeping it off, I have to watch every single bite if I don't I can gain a pound a day and that's no exaggeration!!!!

    Worse thing is, even though I no longer have any periods my pain is worse then ever and after scans at the hospital I now know I developed further growths (I get actual tumors), so even though the mirena stopped the periods it didn't stop the growth!!! I sometime think they just throw anything at us even though they know it usually doesn't work!! I now have to go on prostap injections, not relishing the thought and guess what consultant said, no side effects!!

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is listen and trust your body, not some doc who obviously hasn't got a clue.

    L xx

  • I know a few ppl including myself who had rapid weight gain with the coil I had mine taken out after 1 year! X

  • I had the Mirena for two years. At first I did put on weight, but then it stabilised for a little while and then I got really thin again (I have always struggled to keep my weight up) as what I now know was adenomyosis worsened.

    I wonder if the bleeding and extra cell formation uses up calories, so when we switch to the Mirena/have a hysterectomy and keep eating the same, those calories are not being used and get stored?

    Now I have had my hysterectomy my weight is creeping up (which is good for me) but I have more energy so I will also be able to exercise soon (which I haven't been able to do at any point in my adult life because of being so tired from the endo and adeno) so I am looking forward to getting some muscle on me before I turn fifty and hope I will finally have a normal healthy weight.

  • If you Google Mirena & weight gain you'll see it's not exactly uncommon - your doctor is talking rubbish. Also I'm not so sure I'd like a male doctor giving me advice on pumping iron/the gym!! One size does not fit all - just because that works for him does not mean it works for women who have actual hormone conditions...

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